Pre-Evolution of Charcalynx

Where I can find the pre-evolution of charcalynx? Need help please. I’ll appreciate

Wondering exactly the same thing. If I’m not wrong it’s an egg-only arkadion

charcalynx can be obtained by eggs, its lower form is for the moment not obtainable.

What’s charcalynx?

Its a future egg exclusive that deals more dmg for each opponent it killed. However, its stats arent good, and the attack itself is very weak in dmg to start with

…there are future egg exclusives? Aww man. I wasted all the spare gold I got from fevers on leveling my monsters (I was at agramis, wanted to plow through the story quickly).

Oh well, I’ll start a new file…

Anyways, that’s like…what’s it called…Blademaster’s Matsurama, only weaker.

yeah, but try much weaker, as blademaster was broken

Or… sabreshark’s souleater.