Arkadions with metal slash

What arkadions have metal slash and where can I find them. Other than shadowlance though.
Post a picture of the locations if possible
And the pic of the arks


frostknight should be found somewhere in the ice area sorry not sure where exactly :frowning:

edit: however you can find frostjack to evolve into frostknight

180px-Frostjack.png at the most southern tip of orlen


Frostjack has a low spawn rate. And its evolution, is not great.

Some people use snowja I think, ( cannot fully remember his moveset ) but its fragile.

Sorry I don’t have any pics but these are ones I know:

Flamogun (evolves from Flamogaru) 7 stars

Frostknight (evolves from Frostjack ) 5 stars

Marspin (fusion) 5.5 stars

Snowja (egg only) 9 stars

Vegitiger (gold egg or PvP ALOT) 9.5 stars (my favourite)

Bloodclaw (gold egg) 9.5 stars

That’s about all apart from Shadowlance.

Blood claw

Marspin is a fusion, don’t think you need his image but I have the others here in the spoiler.

Ur forgetting Shadowlance

He said shadowlance at the bottom. I dunno if he needs the image of it since its a fusion. And you see it in the game, same with marspin

Didnt saw that haha sorry

Octoneer and Scorpionix have metal slash.

Well…metal blade. Octoneer has an AoE metal slash, and Scoprionix has one that targets two enemies,

^~^ OM arks maybe shouldn’t be mentioned for now haha. Since you cannot get em and they’d only be a tease, or unreleased arks. My mind is a jumble today so sorry if I mixed em up with other arks

Oh. Oops. :stuck_out_tongue:

xD well at least they know now which ones to go for if they want metal slash

Indeed xD

Well might as well since they probably want to know what they look like. Here are the two tib mentioned xD

Doesn’t Naga have metal slash as well?

Yes naga does.

Yeaaaahhh well, naga, eh, dont like him to much, not to good, but yeah, he has metal slash,