Many missing 'early evolutions'...

Having reached the Expert League, and thoroughly explored every island I have access to, I’ve noticed something strange and… somewhat annoying. I’ve wound up collecting a fair number of monsters whose earlier evolutionary states never popped up anywhere. Parasardon, Slagtoise, Freezegator, Tidalhorn, Charcalynx, and others. This leaves some pesky holes in my Monsterdex. Are the earlier versions going to appear later? Is there some method unlocked later for… de-evolving, breeding, or otherwise returning evolved monsters to their original form? Or are the un-evolved forms of these critters just EXCEPTIONALLY rare and/or well-hidden on the early islands?

The earlier versions can be captured in the same spot as the evolved versions, for example the charcalynx pre evo is found in the same place as charcalynx.

What Lyrux said lol

Huh. They must be TERRIBLY rare. I spent ages walking around some of those areas, running into a dozen ‘adult’ versions without seeing hide nor hair (nor scale, nor feather, nor… you get the picture) of the young 'uns. Ah well - back to the search, I suppose!

Initial version has 5% appear, I got almost every initial epic one (include none-pop upones). Just stand in a place and keep spamming kills :slight_smile: you will have it. Ealier version: Parasaur, Sladshell, Bluesnapper, Seacaped, Charcal . go to Charcalynx place, you will able to hunt charcal (atleast 20-30 tries) and about 40-50 tries for sladshell which also same place with charcalynx. go back to parasadon, you will aslo able to hunt parasaur and blusnapper ( atleast 50 tries). There are 2 monsters stilll working on it: earlier felimancer , earlier skyflame ( I don’t remmember how did I get skyflame)

Well, after some hefty grinding, I managed to catch a Parasaur, Charcal and Seacaped. Haven’t even run into another Slagtoise or Freezegator in the process, much less their pre-evolve… I’m starting to doubt my recollection of their locations. >_> Can anyone confirm where those two habitate? Well, apparently, Slagtoise (and Sladshell) is in the same place as Charcalynx… but I could’ve sworn that was where I caught Freezegator.

Oh, and does this apply to Goldfleece/Goldram too? I caught the mid-level evolution in some forest early on on Frost Island, but haven’t found the first tier anywhere. Is it in the same place, or did I miss it earlier?