Cant find charcalynx

I had like 30 golden eggs in the story but i couldnt find charcalynx in any of them! Is it bad luck?

Yes, I think it’s just bad luck.  I’m not sure if every golden egg monster gets loaded into every golden egg opportunity or what.  It seems to be more rare than others from what I’ve heard though.

Quite so and that should stay that way

I never ever even saw charcalynx… Is it cool?

Its cool looking but its a pain in the butt to handle

I just found it in a golden egg but missed for 1 square :frowning: really needed it

Charcalynx and Stegospike are relatively uncommon in eggs…at least for me.

For those who don’t know, it’s…well, a red lynx. Great to use, tough to handle.

i met someone who had one charkalynx in combination with stegospike and angel. 

Men…he killed 6 Arks of mine in a row, including omegawyrm, with only one strike per ark. I have never seen such a killer ark and have no idea how he did that.

Yes he is seriously overpowered. But until he gets at least one kill he is real weak. When he gets that kill his attk goes up 4900%. I used mine for a bit but because he will be fixed i stopped using

It is a great stratgie, I faces and charlynx with all stun team killed all my arks without breaking a sweat