Power of legendary poisoner

I was wondering if the developer could not power up the attack cataliseur poison of all legendary (tiamazus omegawrym flavern). This attack is too weak .what do you think Guys .your opinion ? Thanks in advance.

It’s good in pvp but not so good on buffed enemies

With the recent new Legends/Death Chicken Poison definitely recieved a buff. Poison is fine where it is in my opinion

poison is fine but with 1 auto poison legend it’s kinda meh

What is bad about 1 auto poisoner?

nothing but on buffed enemies poison is terrible while sleep and stun aren’t

Thats because sleep is way more difficult to set up effectively. And its not just the auto poiseners, you also have bane and the two new poison dragons. Altough your right, agains buffed enemies poison is hard work

yeah true, he was talking about the auto poisoners though

Thing is, if you buff them, with right setup, they will become sweeper machines. It would be like unwanted friend with triggered bloodthirst without the need of unwanted friend and bloodthirst :smiley: you could just ohko every incoming enemy monster, stun the others and that would be the whole strategy. A bit easy though

Bane is still very good against buff enemies. If both mons are poisoned the double poison eater can do extreme damage. Was still easily ohko everything at floor 80 of the dungeon. If only one of the two targets is poisoned then it only does regular poison eater damage