Please nerf poison.. ITS TOO OP!

So there are 3 kinds of status effects that you can build your team around; stun, sleep and poison. But poison seems to be too overpowered. Heres why:

  1. Auto poison ability giving poison to any monster entering and then using Poison Massacre to cleave the whole team
  2. It renders whole team of hold ground monsters useless.
  3. It renders the team of sleepers useless.
  4. Not much monsters have the purify skill meaning it cant be used to purify your team and the opponent kills your entire team with 3 monsters of Posion Massacre or Triple Poison Eater before you get the chance to use purify.
  5. Reviving monsters with auto-poison in anytime is useless because they are 1 hp and die immediately.
  6. Shielding units are useless because shields dont work on poisoned units.
  7. Poison gas wakes up any monsters of the enemy you have slept while also poisoning your enemies.

While its fun to kill the enemy with just 3 monsters, it sometimes becomes annoying. My request to the devs is to either buff other status effects or please nerf poison because its ‘toxic’.

bruh lmfao
counter poison with poison if its tough for you otherwise
there is also scarle

I personally dont think poison is to overpowered.
It seems most poison monster that are capable of destroying teams, like scorp for example, are glass cannons. Easily killable if the opportunity arises, plus one of the main issues people had with poison has already been dealt with, which was bane in 5th, since his passive has a tu restriction I’ve seen fewer poison fl’s. Poison in end game has always and will always be strong. But really PVP is the only place poison can even really be used, after a short time in almost any event the enemy monsters are buffed beyond poison damage 1 shot range. Making poison useless, but sleep and stun can easily push through most events, sleep Is harder to use in pvp, but if set up properly can easily be more effective then poison.
Overall I think if poison is nerfed to be less effective in pvp, it would be completely useless since it already struggles in PvE where sleep and stun dont.


I think there are more toxic kiler than poison monsters.


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And toxic entrance and deathghazer got nerfed too so now most players don’t use poison

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Also tons of fast purifiers
Shiny spectrefox



Etc etc

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Mojinator, roaring + purifying mist lol

Folks rarely run pois much these days

Most poison mons r slow too
Except for scorp

april mop everyone,I think .I am met you in pvp.and I kill your team with only use FL

Stun and sleep are far better they offer you so much control in games and stun is incredibly hard to “undo”.

Poison’s benefit is the pseudo piercing it gives your team as well as a bunch of stuff it naturally counters. Basically it’s the aggressive one with practically no control.

@Naeem_Afzal It sounds like you’re using lots of things that are countered by poison and really noticing how much it punishes you. There are plenty of counters for poison though! Also, the lack of control it often has means it will simply kill your monsters quickly then as soon as you get some turns you can kill them right back and retake control of the battle.


They need to get rid of deathgazer entrance

Thats not gon help, i tried that and plus using cronos roaring entrance. Poison mid game and end game is hard to deal with even with the counters.

At least poison isn’t like what it used to be
I don’t run poison protection anymore and I often lose to them but there isn’t much poison lately it’s mostly sleep and stun

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Maybe the author of this topic ran into my team :joy:


@SaSSolino what do you think of this post?

He doesn’t play anymore I think

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You are right he quit

Wait is he implying that poison is stronger than stun and sleep?