How do you use this bird in UC esp if you don’t have goldtail?

Basically without goldtail I think hes hard to setup

Lame (said in Eric cartman’s voice)

Maybe he should have dreamhunt & excessive force

Dev should buff him,change his passive to twin dreamy entrance 

No need for dreamhunt, he already has nightmares grip, whats the uelse of excessive force?? It would be useless imo, i think theres no need to buff him, double dreamy entrance would be tooo OP becase he has STEP BACK

Give him sleep all team entrance and he is ok for me… Come on guys

I don’t have him so i don’t have a setup for him. Btw the general idea is sleep lock and using nightmares grip to put enemies to 1. You don’t have to kill all the line in one shot but keep them at sleep and kill a single monster. Put to sleep the single monster that come in  (well that’s sleep lock)… This until victory.

if you think twin dreamy entrance is too op, i’m fine with that but at least buff his bloodcrave to bloodfury. Bloodcrave is just not okay for a legend considering the stupid amount of damage inflicted on the user 

i thought after i strike the nightmare grip on one sleeping monster. i guess that monster is not woken up anymore… but im wrong… :disappointed_relieved:

Nightmare’s grip doesn’t wake it up. It is possible that it just woke up on it’s own.

The duration of sleep state must have ended right after that turn thus, zard is right, it doesn’t wake them up that’s the whole point of NM grip . :slight_smile:

And about buffing him, He already is one of the best monster suited for UC, those who have it and shadow + storm or atleast gold or both along with some SE protectors can climb even upto 600 very swiftly and he is best suited for a sleep team (after opponents are sleep locked it can put whole enemy team to 1 HP without waking them up) not to work alone.
And even while working alone he can easily take 1 to entrance + grip then step back take another one and take a few more with bloodcrave and it is more than fair.

actually i mis understand the true meaning of Nightmare grip
(embarrassing moment) :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::cry:

Its OK mate , and a very small mistake, we all do those from time to time :wink:
Cheers :slight_smile:

thanks mate :wink:

Actually you dont need goldtail, its just harder without here. But you can also do it with shadowhunter and stormloch or one of them and an unevolved TDS Super Epic. No need to buff him, hes fine. How to set him up in UC has been described quite frequently, just search for it in the forum. Cheers.

Can you provide a link? I currently don’t have access to swear h the form I’m in Japan and my phone doesn’t let me do full version mode. I need a new phone…

Left alone nightmare grip goes away. Purify will cure as well. Got lucky a time or two when the person forgot about the player hit with it only to have it backfire with desperate strike.

I also have the new monster that sleeps revenge. Thought I’d give that with a tracking a try with polareon.
Thought I’d give that a try with atra**