Pokémon Showdown!

Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone has played Pokemon Showdown here!

Here’s the premise. There’s 5 main “Tiers” that’s used to separate pokemon based on their usefulness. You can make a team centered around a tier, and if a team has a pokemon for said highest tier. Say, if I have 6 OU pokemon, i have an OU team. If i have one OU pokemon and 5 NU, its still an OU team.

Uber : The highest tier. Not really the most popular, and people say its a “broken” tier. You can use any pokemon in the game here. Arceus, Mewtwo, Darkrai, anything.

Overused : The second highest and significantly most popular tier. With threats like Tyranitar, Infernape, Alakazam and Blissey around, it’s extremely fun.

Underused : The third highest. This doesn’t have bad pokemon by any means. Since there’s so many pokemon in this tier, there’s a lot to choose from.

Rarelyused : The fourth highest. This is seen as the least used one, and while it is fun, its not near as fun as OU. Trick Room is premier in this tier.

Neverused : The fifth and final tier. It is really fun, due to it having 206 pokemon avialable. I have a lot of teams dedicated to this tier.

Another thing to take in mind: legendaries aren’t the best pokemon. At all. They’re not all strong. There’s 2 legendaries in Neverused. There’s some awesome ones, but don’t act like they dominate pokemon.

Also, there’s alternative metagames, which are personally my favorites.

Hackmons : Imagine a place where any pokemon can learn any ability, any move, any item, any anything. Hackmons fulfills your dreams. It’s so hilarious.

Little Cup : Another hilarious metagame. You can use pokemon only in their first evolutionary stage, so you can only use pokemon like Charmander, Rattata, Abra, etc.

OU Monotype : Do you miss “geomasters”? There’s no reason to miss it since monotype is a tier where all of your team must be one type. Extremely fun.

These are definately not all, but i feel like my post is getting a little too long. My username is Inferstrain. There’s no friendlist in PS (pokemon showdown) yet, but they’re implementing it soon. Oh, and there’s double battles too. Fun.

Wow that game sounds fun!
What console is it on,
How much does it cost,
And out of 10 stars how high would you rate it?

Its not on a console. It’s actually a very, VERY complicated flash game consisting of many gifs and animations cooperating with each other.

It is free.

I would give it a 10 but that’s because I like pokemon more than others so it’s kinda more for me.

http://www.pokemonshowdown.com/ you can play it right now here!

Considering it’s completely free, runs perfectly smoothly and a browser, and still offers the full pokemon experience… I don’t see how this isn’t at least a 10/10. If you like pokemon AT ALL, you should be playing.

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