Pokemon Rumble World

Just curious who has it- Pokemon Rumble World is a freemium pokemon game, similiar to Rumble Blast, and other games in the Rumble Series. It’s where you freely run around with no real sense of plot, nor story. You just live in a kingdom of toy Pokemon, and your goal is to get as many pokemon as possible. (As always). There are quests from the king, that I guess you could say, “Progress the Plot” by unlocking items, like move tutors, clothes, tools, mega stones/keystones, more missions, ect. Other then that, it’s a very fun game, and it isn’t that bad for a freemium. I just figured I would post to all the other Pokemon fans out there, as it is a free, action packed, and very quick paced game. I give it 4/5. Available for the Nintendo 3DS. =D =D

I got it I have a 658 ranked groudon!

I haz it, 'tiz fun

Well, if we are going to brag… I have… *Opens DS*

Primal Kyogre- 1,240 (5 Star Origin Pulse/4 Star Signal Beam)

Primal Groudon- 1,369 (5 Star Precipice Blades/4 Star Rock Slide)

Entei- 1,261

Yveltal- 1,298 (5 Star D-Rush/Oblivion Wing)

Mega Latios- 1,203

Regirock- 1,120

Tornadus- 1,058 (5 Star Psychic)

Picky+ Greninja- 1,021 (5 Star Hydro Pump) (Picky is a combination if Technician, Punchy, and Snappy but user can only use 1 move)

Suicune- 834 (5 Star Blizzard)

My adventurer rank is 40. I have all balloons up to the Origin one. Still doing tons of quests saving up for the Starlight/Distortion Balloon (Leaning towards saving the extra 20 for distortion, because… Giratina is my bae.)

Oh, as well as a Punchy Charizard X/Y (Have both stones) at 1,117 power. I guess you could say I have no life farming for all this xD

Yikes. Schooled you.

XD, TylerBaraby. I felt a challenge on my territory, Pokemon. No one challenges me when it comes to Pokemon. I have been playing for 12 years now, and it is how I learned to read.

Own every single game, except for Aloha Sapphire and X now. Soon

D-'X I *sob* wasn’t *sob* showing off *sob* I was just Happy I *sob* had a legend… *gasp loudly then begins to SOB LOUDLY!!!*

i play it its pretty fun. lugia and entei are the only pokes i know i have from the top of my head haha

Woah, Lugia and Entei? Nice. Also, I have another Groudon with 1,441? I think power. Something like that. A little tip- there is a way to 100% capture any Pokemon. Look it up on Youtube. I would link it, but I’m tired and lazy xP


Never mind. I decided to not be lazy. This vid ^ explains it all.

Sorry the link is through BING, as I would’ve done youtube but as I am on my iPod I can only use the youtube app (as website on mobile is horrible) and I can’t link videos in the app.