Pokemon Bank And Poketransporter

I was wondering who plays X and Y and doesnt like that it is delayed due to eshop crashing. Also

I was wondering who was planning on transferring their pokemon and which pokemon.

IM okay that its delayed I dont want them to rush then I lose my pokemon due to Pokemon Bank Crash

I just got Y and i want pokebank to but nintendo is having extreme traffic and is having trouble doing stuff =( and i tried getting stuff from gts but those people are freakin nuts! They want a xerneas yvetal or dialga or some other psycho pokemon for a RATTATA! I mean really :confused: they are crazy
And i might transfer one of my giratinas palkias dialgas and a rattata since there evo line is unavailable in Y/X and maybe a ho-oh or lugia or a budew or a ralts and a bunch of dragons (I LOVE DRAGONS!!! But stupid fairy type came along and made them useless =( but i still keep them for looks and battle since fairy isnt TO common) like dratini and some others like feebas meowth lavitar and eevees (i got a female one from beebee in diamond and breed like a nut so now i have like 50 hatched and a bunch of eggs) and go for a sylveon since eevee has a 5% chance of spawn which would take forever to get sylveon because to get one you meed to raise a eevee with high friendship (2 poke amie hearts) that knows a fairy type move and i farmed for a eevee and it knew a fairy type move and i raised friendship and it eeveelutioned and since you cant see the shadow of the pokemon your evoing anymore i didnt know i actually got a espeon instead :confused: so this is gonna take a few tries to get and im gonna bring a bunch more over to to raise my “seen” and “caught” pokemon to atleast 200

Also if you want a amaura contact me, im trading them out for other stuff since i also got a female auroras (at the time amaura)

when does pokemon come out?

i mean pokemon bank

…don’t know what those are.

Lol pokebank has been delayed along tine due to some… Problems in nintendo

And through hard work and labor (literally pokemon labor) i have all starters as well