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It tells me to update but there is nothing on Google Play yet.

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Hola acabo de entrar a mi cuenta de Neo Monster y me doy cuenta q ay actualización y cuando voy a la Pley store No me párese la actualización

It’s alright, just wait a few mins and try again

Take a look @Dev_VKC

Thank you for reporting.
Could you please let me know what cellphone you are using or the screen dimensions?


Realme C11
Screen size 6,5 inch

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Hello dev, today I entered the play store and it did not give me the option to update the game, I entered the game and it seemed that there was an update and I could not go to the online game, I had no other option than to uninstall the game but I forgot that the game cost money so I had to pay for the application again, this has solved the problem, how can I prevent this from happening again?

It happened to me too when I refularly played the game (about a year ago). I had to wait for 3 days and it was all okay. Though that means no play time for that amount of time. @Dev_VKC

Its a in game bug!!

I can’t update the game when I go to play store there is no update sign it says play

@Dev_VKC just encountered something in defense of verosia… dont know if its a bug or its meant to work that way… my opponent got shina ang honghua… when honghua sacrifice shina, shina was revived instead and the supposed to be summoned honghua went to the reinforcements… is that normal?

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They were supposed to fix that.

Enemie in mbq is able to use raw skills and true hit if they have plume on his side .
Didnt try if that is possible in pvp

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True hit can be used alongside taunt mons , although the part with raw is a bug perhaps.

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Falloutdragon’s AI is very bad. It rarely uses Radioactive fallout, usually it does assisted dusk all even when teammates aren’t dark element and it does nothing.

Mine works fine in a poison setup.

Mine was in a poison setup as well. Maybe it’s because you’ve awakened it.

I did a guardian execution with dreadmoth and it didn’t take a turn immediately, why?

Pd:Is it possible that it is due to a terminal virus?

Yea , exactly happened to me once :sweat_smile:

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This is a visual bug on some devices. We will release another update with a patch to fix it next week.

What store are you using, Apple or Google play?
What’s the version of Neo Monsters shown on your play store?

This is intentional. Both of them are supposed to be summoned on the frontline, one of them has to go to the reinforcements.