Please help :)

Looking for locations for the following (please be specific because I know the spawn zones are particular:
The green T-Rex
All the starters
The icicle needed for recipes (not sure on name sorry)
Recipes for the different wryms

Thanks in advance

The recipes are earned via story and side quests.  So play the game to get all the recipes :slight_smile:

I just beat the last first one and I’ve done all the quests…

You don’t have all the recipes?

None for the wryms…

Well you should have had gotten all the wrym recipes by completing missions.  That is how we got ours.

The “icicle” I assume is the frostjack? That’s on the peninsula south of Orlen.

Volvon is in the forest east of Orlen.

The green t-rex (or the first evolution, anyway) is in the forest west of the cave that is southwest of Ergan.

The starters are directly north of Orlen or a few steps away from Orlen.

The wyrm recipes can be received by completing side quests in Reijin.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

U can find stego in the Cave East from Earun

For the starters its right outside of Orlen the first town?

And it is rare for them to appear?

I’ve got the good wrym recipes like omega but not the basic forms… How do I catch those? Also where is the metal slime?

@Overdos3: very rare

@S19: the metal guy is in the temple south of lazandral and the dragons are between Argamis and Windon and are very rare

Were in perticular are the wyvens found

What do you mean, wyverns?

The only wyvern I could think of now is Archeonis, and their first forms are found directly east of Windon.