please help with my pve team i need more gems lol

Can someone please help me with my pve team? I got a few really good monsters during the anniversary and I’m not sure if I’m using them right.

Just from looking at the team you currently have, I would put Cosmo near Aurodragon for extra reibcarnatuon for him as well as Cybereon so you get another copy of it or use Sendback on Auro for more reincarnate shenanigans later on. I dont necessarily think the sleep brigade you have up front is the best with the prevalence of Dragulus and the SE Sleep Killers that ignore Hold Ground being very frequent in PVE. Galvebane should be in your FL for fast kills with his great entrance speed and if you are dedicated to running Warca dont do it in FL so you can get his shield on entrance. Twig is good at 5th and the Chocolate SE Stun Absorber can be run in FL also to buffer you against the haze of Stun in PvE, also can lifeflip the galvebane to get more mileage out of him.

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Thanks, I’ve been mostly just changing my team around whenever I don’t beat something first try. The sleep lineup was kinda fun because the ai’s fl was open to sleep locking so I got death sentence and two megabombs off which was pretty cool.

You can’t usually beat anything in the story campaign first try because the enemy lineups are so different from each other and have such high buffs. So trying to find a team which beats everything first try is close to impossible. Your current team looks ok. Keep the same “skeleton” but you can switch around a few monsters when you see they are not performing. You will see yourself if you’re using the monsters right, trust me.

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Some people complain about egg system , while some gather op monsters and post for help in forum .

Interesting divide !


Egg system is trash and doodoo its like back in the old days when neo was introduced with a 10x chance boost.

Literally gambling piece of crap system. Some will get lucky others will get trashed on.


Yeah I started playing about a week after launch but stopped shortly after the first anniversary because I found the egg system annoying. Pretty much every good monster I have rn was from the past month.