Please don't abuse this glitch in pvp. I don't like it.

His front line is SS, Aegis, Mossgoliath, and stratuswyrm. My front line is a good counter but I messed up in the beginning and forfeited and gave him the win. I searched for a new game and it was this guy again, this time I corrected my mistake and easily wiped out his front line. And of course the game just magically froze on his turn and I received the loss after 15 minutes of waiting. What a great win for you, Sherlock…
Tired of people who purposely do this, you guys are ruining our game.

The game must’ve bugged when he left because sometimes the game freezes when the opponent decides to run.

No, I’ve played enough pvp to know when someone purposely freezes a game to get a win. Every time someone disconnects because of an internet issue or them forfeiting I always get the W. when someone glitches it I wait for half an hour or more and eventually get the L.

How can you be so sure? Is there a method to the glitch? Could it happen by accident if he force-closed the app, lost internet connection, or ran? Just don’t know how I feel about your quick conclusion.

You exposed me man, youre the real sherlock. Hands down.

Lol, Sherlock is not a cheater.

That bug has happened to me as well. On both ends. Does that make me a cheater?

Not a quick conclusion, friend. It’s a common pattern every pvp. For example last pvp I played against Zard, the game froze for like 5 seconds and I received the win. I later asked Zard what happened and he said he has very poor wifi where he’s staying and the game d/c. Noticed how it didn’t freeze for 30 minutes nor did I receive a loss. Every time someone purposely glitches the game it freezes for 30 minutes or more and once you finally close the app you receive the loss. And plus the cheater just admitted it.

Hes not a cheater it could be server issues or the game bugged when he left

And please remove his name from the it is unfair for him becuase hes not a cheater

You can consider yourself happy i remember your name. Your frontline isnt a counter to anything, maybe a counter to winning but that just fits your playstyle. I wanted to drop points, so i usually play the game and just leave in the end of it to hand the win to the other person. Well, i dont want to embarrass you so i wont tell everybody what kind of mistake you made in the first match but it was that bad that it made me think that you would leave again after the first moves when we matched up for the second time. I saw no chance of you staying in the match until the end. So yeah, i left right away because, you might remember, i wanted to drop points. I didnt even want to win. I’m around here since forever, people know me, i’ve never cheated, i dont cheat and i will never ever cheat. And for now i think, you should stolp talking, you lower the iq of the whole forum.

Your entire point is one contradiction after the other. I will gladly tell everybody what mistake I made. And my front line was very much a counter to yours which is why I completely destroyed it the second time. My Drako got the first turn and after him was his SS. Instead of using purifying mist to block his death sentence all or sleep all I chose protect teammate. After that I set myself up for failure so I forfeited the match FAIRLY and received the loss. When I matched up against him again I fixed my mistake and like I said wiped out his entire front line. If you wanted the loss you would’ve simply selected forfeit and not try to keep playing like you were doing. Your experience in this game leads me to believe even more that you know how to glitch the game to receive the win which is exactly what you did. And as far as in game strategy, I don’t think you should be taking jabs at me, after all I am ranked higher than you and you have to glitch to win.

Not always.

There have been some cheaters in the past that had exploited this. The thing about those cheaters though is that you always recieved a win. Because the cheater had to check back to recieve the win. People who didn’t know about the cheat just thought it was a bug and quit. Recieving a win. If they checked back and you hadn’t quit, their monster would run out of time and then they would quit. While the effect can be caused by cheating, an effect can have multiple causes. One of the causes could be cheating, but the fact that he is a highly ranked player with a reputation probably means that you led back to the wrong cause.

I have had it happen when I was losing vs people that are completely legitimate. Not sure why someone would cause it when they were winning.

Just by the way. Sherlock, one does not need to insult another to get a point across. All it does is get you warned and the thread locked.

Dude, you just made one move with drako and i quit right away because i didnt want to to give you the chance to quit again early like in the first match. And since you quit after your second turn before, i made sure i would definitely lose points this time. Only way to achieve this was to quit as early as possible. If i would play seriously i wouldnt even use Soulstealer, its simply funny to annoy people with him thats all. If you want to believe that i’m a cheater and youre all over me because youre ranked higher than me, thats fine. Feel free to call me whatever you want to but dont expect me or anybody else to take you seriously

Zard, if you feel like warning me, because i’m a bit salty cause someone creates a thread with my name in the title, accusing me of something ive never done without any evidence for the simple reason hes considerably bad at the game, then you should warn me. On a sidenote: Its no insult if its true

You seem to be confused, bud. I could care less who you are, what clan you’re a part of or how long you’ve been playing. If you cheat, you’re getting called out. And again, you know you’re not making any sense whatsoever. I used purifying mist and knocked back your Aegis and your Mossgoliath. Then killed your banedragon and so on. Why would that make you think that I was going to quit? I was clearly on my way to winning that match just from seeing who you had next in your lineup. I’m not going to debate for another hour with you. You know what you did, don’t do it again and move on dude. I’ll call out anybody who glitches, it ruins pvp and it’s not fair to the people who play fairly.

Please stop embarrassing yourself. Sherlock is not a cheater/hacker.

Like I said, don’t care who you are or what clan you’re a part of. You glitch/cheat, you’re going to get called out. Your clan does not intimidate me

Its couldnt care less, not could care less. If you want to sound cool, you should at least get the grammar right.

Since youre obviously the only one who thinks i’m cheating and furthermore youre not able to understand why this just happened to you, i think this thread should be closed since its the defamtion of my name for no reason.

There was no cheating at all though haha, the game freezes often. If you’re lucky you’ll get a win if not a loss. If you’ve played several pvp’s you should know this

Do I need to teach you about contractions too? Lol that was pretty bad, what you just said bro. Also it’s *obviously and *defamation.

And Arkile, read my second comment and it’ll explain to you why it’s cheating and not a mere coincidence. Smh, you people are the ones who are embarrassing yourselves.

Yeah I have, it’s BS to be honest