Forced to Time Limit Exceeded

I provided some time stamps in the description. Sorry, I wasnt able to recorded the beginning of the match but I lost my FL because of forced to skip and it happened multiple times. What happens it suddenly Time Limit Exceed when its my turn. At the start of match it was stable when i was on roll it started going glitchy even tho i have very good connection. I’m not sure if this is bug or cheating. Way too shady if ask me.

Me and Dracarys had this exact same experience when facing “Rex” in PvP see here. It may be a new hack doing it.

Thanks for catching it on video!

Try running a DR team, then it doesn’t matter if you skip and you can wreck these hackers with superior strategy

I don’t think this is a hack because it happened to me against Keets once and i am completely sure he is not a hacker

Yeah I jumped the gun there… thought I should change my post but didn’t bother. It’s probably something more like people on certain phone networks / with certain server connection trouble causes this bug to happen. It seems to affect both sides of the battle but more frequently the other person’s side (less the person who has the connection problem / hack).

Hey bro I lost against you for the first time we played because I Brought my test team but when I changed my team and fought you I won GG
You used the ghost icon right