Chances of Monster Reward in The Lost Crown Jewels?

I just did the Temple of the Lost Crown 6 times today(I was able to refill my tickets after ranking up), and Crownwalker didn’t appear for any of the attempts. What are the chances of that?

30% I think, it used to say in the old news information when it was just the crownwalker event. I once had to do it nearly 20 times! This time I got lucky, got both on the second try each.

Oh, okay. I wasn’t sure if the % decreased or something like that, and I didn’t know it was that low. I must be lucky then, because I usually get Crownwalker and Grailing in about 2 or 3 times for each of them. Though it could be the same way for a lot of other people too.

Maybe someone will correct me or it was increased when they brought the grail into the same event. 30% is just the number I remember :slightly_smiling_face:

I think my luck is usually worse than yours. I average about 8 times to get them both, often taking 10+ but needing only 4 at other times.

No, I’m sure you’re correct about the %.

Well hopefully when you’re trying to get them, you’ll have better luck. Meanwhile, I think up to this point, my luck is beginning to change in obtaining them.