Pengbot in eggs

Pengbot hasn’t been featured in any egg for a really long time, not to mention he isn’t in the rare egg pool (or the ticket shop) either. Please feature him soon and put him in the rare egg and/or shop. Thanks!

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD plzzzzzzzzzz put him in the ticket shop and/or rare egg pool! Pretty please! :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Please comment down below to show the love for Pengbot!

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On another note plz don’t completely forget about PVP just cause it didn’t happen the first day. Thx!

How y have eggs only been playin before five thrity pm two days ago

He was recently featured that was the last time I spent gems actually.

Devs do you have anything trollish coming down the pipeline, I need to spend my gems on something


Which was when? Even then it’s not good to have him only once like every 6 months or so. At least put him in the ticket shop or even just the rare eggs if you don’t want to feature him!

I guess the pool was updated. He was about the 3rd monster I got from rare gold egg

The Gorilla monster in Dev_VKC’s profile picture looks like it might be a troll monster but who knows… perhaps they’ll keep making rainbow bears and pink unicorns.




@Dev_VKC why you gotta keep nerfing ya boy

You’ll consider my suggestion right? Not asking you to tell me when he’ll be released (though that’d be nice) but plz consider not waiting every 6 months to put him in or even just adding him to the shop.

On another note, any estimates regarding when the new shop pool is completely coming out? Anything regarding PVP? Thanks.

Sorry for all the questions but I’m just an excited player!

The Penguinator is an anniversary monster (1st anniversary) so it usually comes out in October and then at one other point over the course of the year. The older it gets, the less it gets featured so we haven’t seen it for a very long time like a few other monsters.

I reckon, and would like to see, the very old limited monsters eventually get cycled through into the normal egg pool (more powerful ones going in the rare egg pool) then ultimately go into the shop.

I am sorry Pengbot won’t be in the shop, but it will be featured in the egg before long.

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There is any requirement for a monster to be in the shop?

@Dev_VKC how about a double death revenge monster :eyes:

Or a stun absorb/death revenge super epic

Or a fire type autoprotect/stun absorb SE (it can literally have the same moveset as Gearcroc)