Peace laxus's daily of the game.

Here I will share my daily game and also count my monthly gem income (starting on May 1st).76245fb2603324bb38007f447ebb0c8a211e9d65


Please don’t post photos of me on the forum.


Will you be counting rare gems too? Just last week I started saving up my rare gems… I’ll probably do it until Christmas. It would be good to be able to compare results.

P.S. Weekly update might be better than daily, so this isn’t going to spam the forum quite so much.

ok .I will.

my new UC works well now.


We need more sick brag threads like this.


Definitely! @Killerdog how about you do it too?

Can I share things about myself on this thread @Laxus

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I like threads like this. I’m very interested to see how many gems somebody can get through events. Problem is I never counted. Killerdog mentioned a rough number before…

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Tiddie guarantee.

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What’s that?

Is this real? My game isnt showing this

oh I see that’s for people who just started playing the game lol I can see the newcomer festival egg to the right. If they had that egg available when I first started playing I would’ve deleted the app and went back to angry birds…

Novices can see this monster in advance. we should be next time.

Another slave for sale.
Im wondering how algorithm work against payback monster would she die in first place before shield applied.

what monsters can dragon lottery bring?

I guess any dragon type monster. Any amount of stars.