paid gems .

I agree, small changes to make spending profitable, at the moment I only spend 1 or 2 times a month on offers, there are players who spend throughout the month but most of us only spend on certain events and offers, well these events and Offers should increase frequency

Umm what the f*ck? Also can I have whatever you were on when you typed this? I wanna try it out for ranked next week.

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Those few players must bring in so much revenue that it’s justifiable.

I am one of those players who spends money on gems occasionally, only on offers, gems and tickets, when they add ingredients it is not profitable, it means that I spend 1 or at most 2 times a month, and I am sure that 90% of the players who spend money in the game do it like this, 99% of the population cannot spend like dont or coltraz that is 1/2% of players, you just have to calculate the benefits of making the other 90% of Players spend a little more per month, it would be an exponential growth of income, any game for example (Tokyo Debunker) the new zigzagame game for around €200 you have an awakened character with some luck, in neo with €200 you have 300 gems, Probably of that €200 you will only get (with great luck) 1 fragment, it is common sense, I am not going to spend €200 for nothing @Dev_VKC
Of course this is a proposal, I don’t expect anything to be done, but at least I’m telling you what the 90% of players who spend money on Neo Monster think. Likewise, I don’t think that an improvement in the payment system will make the game break, I think. that the account is important to win 50% and the other 50% the player’s skill

Man, this is crazy. Who in their right mind would oppose a change that make things more affordable for everyone? Obviously someone spending $30k plus on a game makes up for way less than 1% of the player base and in my opinion is a complete waste of money even if you are a billionaire, but let’s not get into that. I think the point here is that I, too, only spend when there’s a guaranteed mythic available. Right now that happens maybe 2 or 3 times a year. If it was available once a month instead, I would be spending around 4-6 times more. I’m sure many other players would also spend on that so in my opinion that would generate a lot more income, make PVP more competitive and help more newcomers to catch up quicker than in the current abusive system. Also, I wouldn’t oppose every egg having a guaranteed mythic for 10x paid gems although, personally, I would not spend that much money on it because it’s a lot anyway for just a game.

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40usd for a guaranteed mythic is already absurd amount and am surprised that people think this is crazy and will break the game

And what am suggesting is 200usd imagine

I am clear about it, I really like the game but I am not going to spend uselessly, I hope the payment system changes and is more attractive and it is really profitable to spend money

@Dev_VKC In my opinion on the 1st of every month we should get a 10x paid gems roll with a guaranteed mythic in the same format of having a few different mythics in each egg so you can target the one that suits your needs best. You have 30 days to roll and once you do it disappears until next month. I think that’s a good compromise that would benefit everyone. The devs could run a trial and see the numbers behind it and then discuss whether it’s financially better or not to continue with it.

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People are going to pay them even if there are 60, maybe 10 gems paid, maybe they are few, with all due respect, we need an event of this type for paying players, I think it is very beneficial for everyone and it would not be a big difference @Dev_VKC I would like to know what you think @Killerdog

Thank you for the feedback, guys.

We are working on it, but I cannot guarantee we can do exactly what you suggested. The direction is to make paid gems more valuable and more accessible to small spenders as well.

Please note that this kind of change is beyond our authority. We will do our best to convey your feedback to the higher-ups.

I apologize, @Mr.X , but if I present your idea to my boss, this may be the last time I show up on the forum…


Mr X woke up and chose violence.

I let it slide. You do good

Mr. X’s idea: “Let’s make mythics 1/40 the price”.
Iberian’s idea: “Let’s make mythics half the price”.

Same old talk that always happens in these games. If they halved the price today, 6-12 months down the line people will be back saying to halve it again with no appreciation for what it does financially to the company.

What’s important is ZigZaGame sets the prices and offers that maximises the revenue they get from the game, so it can stay up and running for all of us players and justify enough care, attention and further development from the company. We should trust them to look at the data and figure out the best strategy for that, then each personally decide our approach to spending.

That said, making paid gems have special uses in controlled ways is a smart idea as long as it’s not overdone. The first 10-pack being “1/4 price” with paid gems has been a really nice addition I think, especially because it encourages spenders to broaden their collection as they pick up random copies of mythics they otherwise might not hatch for. This avenue is the one smart thing to be considering, as VKC says.

How much gems did you get to write this comment ?

It’s disappointing that’s where your mind goes. It sounds like you’ve dismissed all I’ve written. That’s your own loss, you’ll keep feeling like the game and company are against you unless you try to understand their perspective


So making the game more affordable for players is a loss of revenue??

If prices were reasonable players would be encouraged to spend on the game. Thats more revenue and sustainability.

As a f2p you wouldn’t understand how absurd the current system is, it almost takes 2200gems to awaken a mythic 2200gems is equivalent to $1350 for a mobile game.

And what am suggesting is lowering the rate from $1350 to around $200. $200 is already high but i believe thats where most players would spend

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As I said before, they should put paid banners that give 10 tickets 4 times a year, that would help players who pay little because p2w buy until they wake up and don’t need that guaranteed mythic to expand their collection.
On the other hand for those who pay little that mythical and the 10 tickets would be of great help.
(sorry if you don’t understand what I’m saying, I have to translate)

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This thread is talking specifically about paid gems and the benefits of them over normal gems. Let’s not dilute that with any other topics.

If you want to discuss whether this game is affordable and how ZigZaGame can maximize revenue then feel free to open a new thread.

Buddy your the one who bought the revenue subject up and ZigZagame should maximize revenue. Anyways lets not dragg the this further

I understand, and it’s why I don’t spend money. The only times I’ve spent are for the guaranteed mythic banners. These games typically have something like over 90% of people who will basically never spend. So as a general thing you have to maximise from the small number of spenders you have, which are typically a small group of top players and then a bunch of new players.

Giving specific benefits to paid gems is a good way to encourage day-to-day non-spenders to splash a bit of money, as shown by how I opened my wallet for the guaranteed mythic banners. It’s a smart way to do it, but shouldn’t compromise any percentage loss on the big spenders otherwise it’s likely to be a net loss. For example, that’s what making the 10-pack for 20 paid gems unlimited would do.

Yeah my last post was to just make sure the discussion didn’t take a turn down that path, not meant as anything accusatory or passive aggressive :slight_smile:

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