overwatch buff

overwatch will not be triggered by the damage received by poison tick,
wdy guys think?
also now stun immun monster can be stunned with seal.

and that inevitable dolp, bomboid, scorp debuff lol

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I think with Overwatch not being triggered by poison tick, my Scyberithe (only 2nd form…) will be a happy user of Duel without worrying about Toxic Entrance ruining my day and giving the opponent a free Team Turn

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it’s more a debuff

Yeah it’s a nerf, to stop arguably broken combos. In PvP it gives more control to the opponent for when overwatch gets triggered. It doesn’t really change much else.

It does change one thing. For monsters with Regular Overwatch and hold ground that rely on low health for their strong moves (Titan, Bitter) keeping the Overwatch WHILE being poisoned means that even poisoned, they get hit, Overwatch gives them a turn immediately and they can use their move. This arguable buffs at least Bitter and Titan imo.

I havent tested the following yet, but if a monster that is poisoned, Bitter for example, can use its Overwatch skill and not lose it from the poison tick that follows, this is now a very much buffed mon in terms of usability nearly having its poison weakness neutralized

nowhere is it said that poisoned mons keep overwatch just that poison tick doesnt give them a turn

I just tried it. They keep Overwatch active

lol and do overwatch can be activated even when poisoned?


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Ok tested again. If the monster is already poisoned, you cannot activate the skill “Overwatch”, but if Overwatch is already active, poison will not remove it.


That depends on the monsters and or perspective tbh. It’s a buff for my Uto :raised_hands:t2:

Good observation. Uto will be a little harder to kill now.

I wouldn’t say so. It’s just going to work slightly differently. If Utopion gets poisoned it won’t get a turn but if it gets hit it can’t reapply overwatch. Hence, if it gets poisoned then someone just needs to make a small hit on Utopion and it’s just the same as if it had been poisoned before. While that takes more effort for the opponent than before, it comes with the downside for the Utopion user that if Utopion is stunned out of play with overwatch on then getting poisoned will not bring it back into play.

Basically, triggering overwatch is now almost completely in the hands of the opponent but if they want to kill an overwatched monster they can’t use poison to bypass the need to hit it once first to trigger the overwatch.

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I think the overwatch change was more of a give and take than a buff personally. Having my poison gas not trigger overwatch does have its benefits.

Some monsters did gain MASSIVELY from this change though, the Duel mythic being the first that comes to mind. I honestly belive they made this change as a buff to that monster for the most part.

I’m kinda salty they keep on buffing mythics this bad, but on the other hand I think that monster has potential and would like to see it being experimented on.

Finally, that Seal buff is absolutely, completely, and utterly stupid. I really don’t like it.

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Using a monster next in line to poison your own team (e.g. Bundleblazer) was something you could do before that you now can’t. I don’t think it’s a massive buff for Scyberithe.

What this change does is boost the control people have over overwatch, while making them take an extra hit to kill when poisoned (in some instances). Whether it’s a buff or nerf is down to personal taste.

What is indisputably a nerf is the removal of combos with things like Leogeist’s Inspire where you build around it to poison your own team and give turn to a slow monster at potentially 90% speed. I’m certain this is the reason for the change.

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You’re right, I did not thing about that.

This is more like that slayerbane all penguin buff.