Oops... Didn't know Grade Boosters did that!

So a lack of knowledge on my part when I claimed that grade booster. Now I know do not claim any grade boosters unless you plan to use it! Lol! I was like “Uhhhh… UHHHHH… UHHHHHHHHHH… What do I do ._.”

Ah well one lost isnt that bad

Yeah its not too bad at all. Just something completely unexpected. All the decisions! Was kinda a facepalm moment too, like “I should have seen that a mile away!”

They Should make an item bag to keep these untill u have an ark to use it on

Yeah. I mean its not too much of an inconvenience, but an item bag would be nice for those pesky things like level boosters. I remember those too. I bought like 50 with all of my silver, and though I could save the rest when I only needed 10 or so ._.

At first i tought that too but too bad

Maybe they should include a dialogue box that warns you that you have to use your grade booster immediately instead of keeping it.

That would be a novel idea! I like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep that Will help new ppl for sure lol

Ive done this too I thought u could keep it till u need it A bag would be something good to have.