Online Chapter 8 missions

Having hard time beating this mission. Need help!

Could you post your team?

sorry , i had posted it but accidentally deleted it .

You could use Flarevern and Oak near each other. And maybe remove Shadowyrm, back there it hasn’t big potential also with buffed monsters it has problems.

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Galliodragon in 15th spot is also pretty useless.

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Okay thnx I will try that

M not that great at deciding the position lol

Wow that’s a really big crater!

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Yeah lol

Poison in general is just not a great idea that far in… they all struggle immensely against buffed monsters(with a notable exception of pumpking). I think polareon and tinkerclaus are gonna do a lot more for you than flarevern and gallio. If you have rosaqueen try to get her bonused and ultra evolved(strictly in that order), solid sleeper that can pair well with polareon. And with nightmare’s grip you can leave free kills for your blood monsters so they can do the real damage.