Will there some day be an Omega-Mid event or just these unbeatable Super Challenge Battles, that are impossible to win, when you are still in the position to need the omega-mid?

I also need omegamid.I hope that we will have event, or i will never ultra evolve my legendary monster. Comone devs, give us omegamid event.

There is an event of omegamid, i’m not sure,maybe once a month…

There is an omega mid event…

I got 4 omega mid and no more legendaries to evolve…hope i get more omega mid…

Where did u get them, I’ve been playing a while and haven’t seen a event with them thats actually beatable

Your still lucky to have only 4 omegamids, mine is 8, no more legendaries to evolve…lol!

I’m at 22 and no legs to evolve…

Here is omegamid event.

this event is probably the easiest way to get one too.

Oh really? 24 Omegamids over here, useless to me.

I have one omega mid and I’m not sure if I should evolve shadowstalker or cyberwyrm. Any ideas ?

Go shadowstalker unless you have a bunch of other legends already ultraevolved and don’t need another sweeper atm.

Guys,do someone know how much more we must wait for next omega event?

Tnx devs for recent omega event.I still need another omega so looking for another ic(I know you run one just recently, but its the best event for us f2p :wink: ).hopefully this time it contain better monster :slight_smile:
Tnx again and a lot

An Omegamid and a Cryptamid in the same week? Thanks devs!

14 Omegamids, no monsters who needs them

33 omegamids, no monsters that need them.

0 omegamids, 0 monsters that need them
Mostly because my only 2 legends are already ultra evolved lol

hey guys can I check where can I get omega mid beside the special ingredient mission at the moment. I need a lot to evolve my monsters