OM Pool Structure Suggestion

Pool Structure Ideas:

  • Pool A Top 10% ( winners move to pool B )
  • Pool B Top 5% ( winners move to pool C )
  • Pool C  Top 3% ( winners move to pool D )
  • Pool D Top 1% ( winners move to pool E )
  • Pool E Top 1%

Something to note: this would (almost) double the amount of people that get the OM ark each week.

Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing I’m not sure, but if too many people get it then it’s not a rare ark anymore.

If the percentage is out of everyone who completed the OM the previous week, like it is now, then I think it’s a good idea. There will be less complaining.

I’m not sure anymore of the value of keeping the arks rare. Nothing is rare in Masters except kami. Maybe making the OMs less rare would make pvp more populated and competitive.

Be careful there. Two things to note:

  1. If 99% of people don’t have the Ark, but only the people in the 1% who have it actually use PvP, then it will seem like everyone has it. Really, that’s not true. (Just an example to illustrate the point).

  2. Many people have mission Arks thanks to save file transferring. These shouldn’t be counted, as this will be ended in the update.

Why do we care how many non-pvpers have it? Rarity only exists amongst a population. Non-pvpers aren’t part of a community - they only play for themselves. Their possession of a rare ark has no impact on us.

Some people, however, are discouraged from pvp BECAUSE of the power imbalance. Why would we want to keep our community small?

Because those people can take part in PvP any time they want to. And because most are holding off only until the update, and then will participate when the hackers get banned. 

I was mainly only telling you to be careful of fallacious arguments. 

Additionally, there’s another bias where when we see a particular monster, such as Shadowstalker, it’s more strongly encoded into memory than if we don’t see it. So even if we do 30 fights and only 5 of them have Shadowstalker, we’ll be inclined to say that everyone has a Shadowstalker and that they’re all over the place.

Actually count how many times you see a monster and see if you’re falling victim to a bias.

(Granted, the save file transferring really is causing issues with that right now…)

I agree with what Ashley said.

On top of that you should also consider that (theoretically) 25% (assuming I remember correct that there are 4 leagues) of the PVP population are in the master league (it doesn’t actually work out this way but wouldn’t be too far off), whereas only 11% can get the arkadian.

At the moment they don’t seem rare because timing is still there and anyone with half an ability to time can get it without any effort at all, but when that gets removed then less than half of the people in the master league would have each OM arkadian unless they bought eggs, which a lot wouldn’t. The previous statement assumes that everyone that gets it is in the master league as well.

I see teams in the beginners league with 6 OM arks, the same people always get the arks in Pool B not giving anyone else a chance.

True… But it also means others can train harder& farm more… It’s not impossible…

If there are people in the beginner’s league with 6 OM arks, then they are either timers or very efficient in PvE, proving that it’s not impossible to get them if you haven’t already.

OM starts at a very bad time for me. Is Australia’s start time is it 10am or 5pm or something else. Because I could access the mission before 5pm but not at 10am.

You’re in Australia? Lol
Me too~
It’s 9am in Melbourne :slight_smile:

So you guy’s would get it on Sunday’s over there? Never thought about that.

It’s 10pm over here. To be honest I would probably prefer the 9am (not that it affects me currently but still…)

Wanna trade? 


I sometimes slept in :frowning:

You in the UK Saber?


I am in Sydney, I checked the time zones and it is the same as Melbourne. This is annoying because it is on Sunday and church is always on sunday

Around 9-10am

We have many in common then lol
My church starts at 1pm
Lucky for me :slight_smile: