Okkult battle 4

Anyone have tips for this battle? I got through 1-3 using death revenge, piercing mortar, and lots of cloning. That’s not cutting it for me in the 4th battle. I’m not even anywhere close. What strategies is everyone else using?

Build a void team.

I’m not familiar with the void team . Can you elaborate a little bit?

Show your monster list so people can help.

Am assuming since you dont know what void is you dont have the monster Void is a mythic monster.

I did it today and it took me few attepms. Try captainwhiskars he is beast after 400sec :smiley:

I have him in my team currently, but I’m having trouble keeping him alive. Maybe because of my lack of really decent protectors.

This is the team I’m using. I know it could be improved but I’m just not sure which direction to take it.

Why not deodragon instead of that SE protector if u want a link fire🙄

Why not dolphreeze instead of that horse man guy🙄

And most importantly , why are there 2 grovos in ur collection :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

“Horse Man Guy” :joy::joy::joy:


Could you please explain why do you have 2 groves in your list.

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Yesterday I saw a account with 2 ligth dragons too. I don’t know what happened there.

I hatched a Grovos, and instead of fusing it stayed as a separate monster. Support had me delete one and they sent me a new one. When I opened it up, it still didn’t fuse but gave me a new monster that was +1. We repeated the process and the same thing happened but now he was +2. At this point I’ve given up and I’m just going to evolve the +2 and delete the other one.


I tried Deo but he’s just not doing any worthwhile damage. I put my horse man guy in there to see if desperate all would be helpful. It wasn’t, it’s not strong enough for a 1 hit kill. So yeah there’s a couple of dead spots in my team that I just don’t know what to do with. I might try TT in there. I’ve tried Dolph too, but Times up is getting wrecked by all the protectors on the enemy team. I feel like my lineup is missing a few key monsters. But I also realize I still have a lot to learn about team building and that someone on the forums could probably beat this with my monsters pretty easily. So I’m open to suggestions so I can get better.

What’s occult battle 4 enemy lineup? I have forgotten

Drakozord Z
The penguinator

So mostly fire + hg enemies , try building around ur tagosenshi at first …
Something like leoronix , angelion , Midas , tago , balanedragon , Mecha so on…

All the enemies are poison sleep and stun immune, which makes many of my legends ineffective.

Oh right…my team had many blood moves so I dint notice the immunities.

The same legend double thing happened at anniversary time…i also got oak and nova twice and they didn’t fused