Ogre punk the new super epic

Now I know his kit isn’t the best but does that honestly make him not worth putting on a team? I mean to me he looks cool I thought about putting him the area of stun bombers/time strikers to trigger that retribution . Any thoughts ?

a stunbomber is more effective with a timestriker still to me. 200 seconds is almost always a 1 shot and it’s a lower TU move, and most timestrikers have better move sets overall. Ziberus is stronger and can’t one shot a super epic in most cases. I feel like he is a wasted slot but maybe he will fit there for you

Orgre runs in my team. His best skill is shield teammate. He super fast and you get it off almost every time

Wow yeah, now that you mention it, that can be seriously convenient in certain setups. Looks like there may be hope for him after all. :slight_smile:

Who do you stealth the squishes
Is he squishy himself ?

i put my ogre after doomengine., also the shieldteammate is very helpful…

after 150sec bomb then retribution… BOOM!!

Anyone had finish dungeon challenge floor 100?

Shomy has.