Offline story rewards

Ok so hear me out: I’m not the only one who gets annoyed by the fact the NPCs in the game never awknowlege when you catch the super epics and noxar, am I? So imagine if when you caught them them NPC who mentioned it would give you a gem or something? And at the end you can get an achievement for catching all of the SE+ monsters. And there could also be an achievement for catching a certain amount of monsters, say 20 (over 50 would be silly though). Anyone else think this is a good idea. I’d say it would also be a good way to give lower ranked players an ocarino or another good reward


An offline quest system perhaps? So when the servers go down its not a complete nightmare… I’d love to exchange captured mons for youth fruit or silver maybe?


100% in favor of both of these ideas.

Like trading extra pokemon for candies in PokeGo. Trade your extra seaspine for silver or fruits.

Also, an infinite dungeon would be awesome. Like in Hunter Island. 15 tickets and you go as far as you can with rewards at each checkpoint

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Yea hunter island was quite inspiring actually. Catch so many for a reward. Even a way to increase max cost!

I was thinking something like that,without a reward ,I was thinking what if they tell you a new location (maybe in another island or in a dungeon in online story).
about the certain number of monsters,what about “collections” example guardians collection: 4guadians + chronox=reward

100-gem reward for players who have caught turtle.

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A while ago I suggested something similar which involved random NPC’s challenging us for the champions title. Like the title defend feature in US/UM. Because after we become champion, does the leagues stop?? Random NPC’s will challenge you for the title of Champion. You win you get gems and the difficulty is increased ( no BS like 20-24 monsters or the enemy having two of the same monster. Play by the rules. and NO INSANE BUFFS). You lose you do the champion league again with other characters than the originals. And then re challenge who ever beat you and getting a gem if you win. Rinse and Repeat. Also our first challenger can be Thale/Makisa. And this is OFFLINE.


Oh what if after every PvP tournament you are “challenged” by the PvP winner’s team? Maybe with a slight buff? And beating the champion challenger would be 1 gem. And then a cumulative achievement reward like the other events.

I would love to finally dethrone the great @ILAGaLOT or @StarLord - even if only an icon of them. :joy:

Plus this would integrate PvP into the main story. @Dev_BRD

Thinking about it more you could have to replay the grand 4 and then the new champion team if you lose to the champion challenger.

You could also get challenged by the top 5 teams? Make it more of a challenge.

I be up for this if I was allowed to make my own team. Then again everyone dethrones me that gets past 200 uc :joy:

Haha. Well I envision it being the team you used most in PvP, or maybe the last team you used in the tournament?

Say PvP ended today, I was thinking maybe the Arena in Othlon flashes and you tap it. Then a dialogue box pops up and says a new challenger, [PvP Winner’s IGN], has beaten the Grand 4 and has come to challenge you.

Whatever team the PvP winner used the most in the tournament is the team we have to play to retain our status as champion in the main story.

This would give more significance to the main story and tie PvP into the game better.

Thoughts, @Dev_VKC ?

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Making it to do with PvP is fun but it could instead be a random person, say, hero rank 100+ that logged in last week. It could be a new person each week and picks the team they last used in a mission, with a slight buff.

The selection could be made tighter to make it top people in the game. I’m just suggesting it as a weekly thing and that maybe it could be random rather than PvP.

So we are all agreeing this should be implemented


Why not both!?! And monthly it’s the PvP champ for a gem. Other weeks its random for a super fruit?

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I totally agree, ive seen those npcs and other then slighty telling you theres some rare monster around there their useless.

Excellent first post @TheDarkCrafter