"Offline Play" Update

I was just wondering if the creators are aware of the fact that, 

after finishing the Champions Cup, there really isn’t much to do when playing in offline mode.

Maybe they should implement a system where random trainers roam the maps and are looking for fights.

Or maybe even add a few new maps that are only accessible after finishing the league.

I understand that when playing online you can do a lot, but somehow I still feel it would be far better to increase what you can do offline

as some people (like me) are not always privy to WiFi.


I love the idea. I’m not sure how hard it would be for them to implement this but random trainers that randomly hand out basic rewards like silver, fruits, and maybe the occasional gem or ingredient (yes, devs you can make these a legendary chance of dropping, It would still be worth it).

When you are offline you can fill your monsterdex. Gotta catch em all :smiley:

They have been all caught two years ago… :frowning:

An idea I came up with a long while ago was for us to “farm gems” from the islands. The idea was that you could exchange training points for a gem (99=1), but only ones accrued from the islands. It was something along those lines anyway. The general concept was to introduce a time=money mechanic into the game, one which I like to see in free-to-play games.

Taking on board what you’re suggesting, I would improve that to this:

  • Each day a particular island has a “wandering master trainer looking for talent” (Mon-Sat are islands 1-6 then Sunday is a random island).
  • You must go to that particular island and start capturing monsters.
  • Capture, say, 10 unique monsters and the trainer will appear saying that they’re impressed and want to battle.
  • Beating the trainer will give you silver, youth fruit or a small chance for a gem.
  • The trainer will return when you capture 10 more unique monsters on that island (ones not previously caught that day).

This would bring back the fun of capturing monsters on the islands, as well as getting people to hunt down and find the habitats of each monster. The rewards would be minor, but a chance at getting an extra gem each day (or more if you’re super lucky) if you put the time in.

We all have a lot to be getting on with in the online section and the tickets refill quite quickly. However, sometimes we’ve done everything available or it’s a less time intensive set of online events and our addictive urges to play are tingling. I hope the Devs see that this addiction needs to be satisfied!

I’d support an offline mode that was similar to hordes, but never ending with random or preset monsters. Even something like this would be a great way to allow the game to be fun offline and give people something to do when there is nothing else to do in the game. There are the PvP challenges, but those can be repetitive. Also there would never not be some sort of challenge since… eventually you will lose all your monster.

What about an in game infinite dungeon?

Maybe challenges to be the new grand champion eventually.

Featured monsters for capture on a specific island every week ?
Also, me want more Hector story.Me likes This.Me hopes that hector helps in the next episode of story .