Main Story Continuation... with a Map!

So I was thinking about the main story of the game and how it’s been a while since I’ve played with the cast, and I kind of missed it.

Evertale’s main story also came to mind and, even though I’m not a huge fan of the game and never got to finish it, I really enjoyed being able to navigate a main hub! I also know that Pokemon has a similar concept.

So I thought, why not add something similar to Neo Monster? Free roaming through this vast open world area, with fights needed to be beaten to proceed in some cases, and maybe even some side quests with new monsters as rewards!

Now I do understand that this requires more work than your usual Neo Monsters content update, but if the experience is worth it, I honestly belive this would be worth a paywall… or one of those “paid gems” deals which, full disclosure, I belive are kind of a scummy move with microtransactions, but this would be more in line with a DLC of sorts, so it’s 100% cool in my opinion.

This would also be an amazing occasion to experiment further with Epic monsters, since I would expect this new map to host higher level monsters to capture.

Addressing the elephant in the room though, where should the developers put this hypothetical experience?

Should it be a continuation to the main story? But then only those players that already defeated Maggatsuoh could get into it (and pay the devs), and all battles should have tons of overly buffed monsters!

No, after thinking about it I belive it should be a mode accessible only after defeating Athrasis, but not necessarely the complete main story. And here’s the kicker: while playing this roaming mode you can only use monsters from that mode!

It would be a cool side story, maybe related to the main one in some way, but with a different protagonist. And of course any monster captured or found in this side story should become available outside of it.

Now with that out of the way… when can we expect the continuation to the offline and online story modes?


I like the Open World idea… perhaps continuing the story on a new island, but a MASSIVE one. As such, it could host plenty of high-difficulty regions, secret areas, caves, villages, et cetera…

I don’t know if any of you have played KEMCO games, especially the Asdivine saga, but I absolutely LOVE their world maps, and I would love if there was a similar feature in Neo Monsters.

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I also would pay for additional content like this. Everything you suggested sounds super awesome. I do miss the open world world feel that main story had along with what Evertale had.


They could do something like with Hunter island or dragon island blue


they should make a whale island a real island that can be explored
and you can find hidden treasure like fruit, silver or maybe gems


The biggest problem I had with this game was that when I started I spent ages catching monsters etc but then when it came to PvP etc, all of the monsters I had caught became worthless. A key difference with Pokemon is that even monsters you catch early on can be trained and as useful as most others.

If the devs did add a new island, it would be good to have catchable monsters that are useful. The rockoid variants would have been perfect for this


probably just bad game design that they made all these islands with useless mons lol

I thought of something that they could quite easily implement: a sort of hell mode for the offline maps.

Story goes like this: A very powerful group of young trainers suddenly appear with very strong monsters and challenge the Grand Champion (us) for the title. We take an absolute beating. We and Makisa&Thale & co are left bewildered. How were they so strong? They decide to look around and find out. They retreat on the first island and immediately realise that it is overflowing with powerful monsters. After many battles they reach the end of the map where a trainer is guarding a large radiating crystal. After they defeat the trainer and touch the crystal, it shatters and the monsters lose their buff.

So they have to destroy the crystal on each island to reach the final boss and challenge them, to discover what are the crystals and where did they come from. And of course to reclaim the title of Grand Champion again.

So basically all the maps are updated with stronger, buffed roaming monsters with the majority that are not capturable, but some special new ones located in the dungeons as well as rare encounters which are capturable (similarly to the SE we currently have). Maybe even a legend or two. And the shards collected from the crystals could be exchanged in the end for some cool rewards.


Yeah this isn’t pokemon. This is a gacha game which basicly a glorified gambling site that scams more than wins you anything. :woman_shrugging:

Sounds amazing! I’d love to have a reason to explore each island again, plus that’d mean more monsters to ACTUALLY catch. Would be great if we could capture some forgotten Superepics or some low-rarity yet peculiar monsters like Yin/Yang. Hell, they could even implement actual bosses (similarly to First Ones/Maggatsuoh/Black Beast) in the dungeons.

I’m referencing again some obscure RPG franchise, but does anybody know the DISGAEA series? In the latest entry, the 5th, each world has a “Carnage Dimension” counterpart, where enemies are SIGNIFICANTLY stronger.
I’d imagine the driving reason for Offline Hell mode plot to be the openings of portals to a Carnage-like dimension, allowing super-buffed versions of regular monsters as well as new ones to cause a ruckus you, the Champion, are tasked to stop. Then it is revealed that the butler did it etc.

I think you’re really onto something there @Exu. What that immediately makes me think is either classing it as the next online story where it releases chapters (each island) over time or they make it a limited-time event based around exploration.

Personally, I’d like it to be a limited-time event called: “Return to the islands”.
What we do is we’re given some starting monsters then go out and explore to find the powerful monsters, catch them, and build our team to progress through the islands. Each time they vary which are the powerful monsters available and where they’re hidden. Monsters are automatically trained/evolved when we catch them and we don’t get them outside of the event. There will be one new SE in the event somewhere which if we catch it then we get it gifted to our reward box.

There are trainers we need to beat for rewards, checkpoints only at towns (death sets us back to the last we healed at) and at the end of it all is a series of, say, 5 challenging battles that require different approaches to beat.

I think this would be a great way of encapsulating what the original offline story does in an event that can come out every few months for us to enjoy each time, rather than a one-time thing we go through in a couple of hours and never play again.

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Another event idea: "The mythical isles"

Here we go and use our own teams and have to explore around increasingly tough islands, beating trainer battles to progress. At the end of the final island is a super boss version of a mythic.

We don’t get rewards for beating the trainers. Instead, we’re tasked to hunt down all the monsters (it’s a scientific expedition we’ve been sent on to study monsters by the professor). We need to find and kill each monster that exists in the wild and at milestones we get rewards. We have a counter on the screen for the island we’re on so we can see how many we still need to find.

The way team building is made interesting is you can only save your progress and heal if you make it to a checkpoint. These are towns around the place. It’ll be similar-ish to Dungeon Challenge for team building but you don’t have to go quite so extreme for survival and when it comes to the trainer battles you’ll need to be prepared for that challenging fight while also being able to both travel to and back from the trainer to the safety of a town.

This event idea has slightly more focus on exploration than the one above.

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Infinite dungeon plz

My storage: Please no more…

I really like the idea about that, I am almost certain there will be additional files for that

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