(official) friendzone

So I’m hoping this will get pinned, and I’ll keep up with it and add names on here, but post your GC name if you want to do friendly pvp events, and the like.
I offer swaps and generally friendly games every 24 hours, and am open to suggestions on my team. :slight_smile:

 Game Center – FORUM NAME

&onajji – &onajji

jasnology – jasnology
winvestor – Winvestor

Ballin2323 – Whaywar1

Bgibbons101230 – Bgibbons101230

Sabercrest – Sabercrest

-~Ashley~- – Ashley
Don stun – Donstun

XGharpy – XGHarpy **has asked that we not send battle invites as of yet.

+>Kyle+6<+ – Underscore21

meffew15 – mraj

TheHurricane24 – Hurricane

xjjchen1x – Lyrux

jerminatrixx – Jeremey123

rubiary – Rubiary

GilgameshWho – IvaliceMog

<Larck> – Larck

cinten – Cinten99 

EvanderHI – Jeanette

mexfort – mexfort

JonathanEast49  – JonathanEast49 

Im okay with pinning this

carry on

Sweet, thank you! :slight_smile:


GC: winvestor 


GC: Ballin2323

Look forward to daily matchups and possibly swaps (if you consistently kill me haha)

Gc, Bgibbons101230

Just a thought, but you should put the forum name next to the GC name, since it’s unlikely all of them will be a close match.

GC = Sabercrest

Am open for doing swaps

Feel free to throw my name on there:


Probably won’t respond if you send me a random PvP invite, but it’s possible I might.

If you catch me in chat, I’ll have a higher chance of PvPing.

Gc Don stun Always ready. ;k

GC: XGharpy (my iphone halfway through the story don’t send a battle request thanks) :slight_smile:

My GC is +>Kyle+6<+

GameCenter Name:


GC : EvanderHI

Game Center name is cinten

GC: <Larck>

GC: GilgameshWho

Please add

GC: rubiary

mostly for swaps as my lineup is pretty awful

Gc: jerminatrixx