not enough rewards for new players

hard to progress after a week of playing the game feels stale

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You’ve only been playing a week. Keep at it. Start by collecting all the monsters that are free in the 6 trials event. Also, collect all the Guardians. Collect the chocolate monster and Chrono. These guys are all free monsters…They will help you progress. Keep collecting gems until the anniversary in late October then have a roll. You will be well on your way by then.

You’ve only been playing for a week. I’ve been playing for years.Persistence and love of the game is victory.


Actually this game is very generous with the rewards for new players

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I started just before second Anni. Back then there were far far fewer gems.

Kids these days :joy:

It took me a solid 8 months before I even had a prayer in pvp. Back then gems were very sparse, rare gems didn’t exist, and there were no real systems in place to give new players a jump start(Leoronix, newcomer festival, etc.) you’ll get there, just keep on going.

My first time around it was 1.5 months before I even got an SE: gigawolf. I trashed that account and restarted at the anniversary. Finally rerolled a Valza and kept that acct.

Dont tell me your that noob that wanted valza pre buff and was making topics asking players for an account that includes valza.

Haha no. I rolled Coalknight and didnt like it. Rolled drako but being a nube I wanted offensive fire power. When I rolled Valz i thought “good enough”.

That was back when you only had 4 gems to start so every reroll was 15 minutes for one shot. After 40 tries i had enoug