Norza boss.

Need help on norza beast form this my team.

Can you provide the norza beast form skills & status? I can’t remember his exact skills set …

Norza stuns so you want a protect stun absorb lead

The most easy fight of the game, norza
Literrally win whitout any of my units death
Just bring Mere Baltu, we nees his pasive for resist K.O whit 1 hp
Attack him whit Mere, he will AOE your team like for 500 to units whitout 150TU and 5000 for +150 but Mere will survive easy
Then bring units who heal your team, heal Mere Baltu he will regain his pasive and attack whit normal attacks for gain spirits, the other 2 units need to be like put poison to an enemy and gain 1 spirit, just dont deal damage to him, bring 1-2 healers and heal him always when he is 1 hp and your party sometimes and you win

If it doesnt work just before doing this strategy bost your team whit Speed 30% TU, just the one who put poison for gain faster spirit, and the healer, then suicide this unit and guaranted win

■■■■■ strategy but it works quite well