Reward Code?

Hi does anyone have a reward Code I could redeem thanks in advance.

They were given out to certain people when Neo Monsters was released. There were a few lucky people that won one. I don’t think they’re still available at the moment.

There also was a transfer phase where you could transfer one monster from Hunter Island. The devs lied about a second transfer phase for those who missed the first one, I don’t know if codes are going to be used again.

They did not lie, Apple would not let them do it again.

‘Lie’ :joy:

Why should Apple don’t let them? I don’t think it’s the truth unless I will see the message that Apple send them.
And if Apple would be the problem then there would be a transfer phase for android players :wink: don’t believe everything

What would be there reason for not reopening it, if they were allowed to? Then all the iOS players would be left out causing huge upset.

Was hunter island on android?

According to the HI wiki no

I do remember that some dev said it would be to much work to reopen it. After that there was the petition and then they said they are going to reopen it.

HI was of course not on android but some players might switched from
iOS to Android and are now playing neo monsters.
And I would just use BlueStacks…
I didn’t get why it was for a limited time only in the first place because I had to prepare for my bachelor colloquium I was not able to play the game in the first days and that’s just disappointing

It’s not really a big deal the ones you could transfer sucked anyway
Omega, Kami and dragaia where the only good ones

Maybe it’s not a big deal for players who spend money on the game but my Gigarock is still waiting in HI for NM :stuck_out_tongue: for me it sucks a lot since I have no last biter

Ah that sucks then but last biter is no longer as good in pvp no one I know runs it anymore as its so easily countered

I know, but for the challenges he would still be helpful or chapter 7, 8, 9 whatever is going to happen…
At the end it’s not about a single monster, it comes to principle.

I fully understand what you mean

Appreciate that

You missed arguably the most useful one angelon who I transferred and was my only legendary for months and months.

Forgot all about him was he transferable, yeah Angel is amazing I would say one of the best in the game

I played HI on iPad but think I restored it and didn’t download it again. So now play on android but still have old iPad.

They also had shadowstalker.