Noob question

Who do i ue first?

This is the team that I’m using

i recently defeated atrahasis and I’m now at chapter 1 of the khanate invasion

I know its gonna sound rude,
But would you consider rerolling this account? Novadrake really puts you on fasttrack for many things. Its must for pve and pvp. And you dont seem to have any strong mons either way.

Hey budy you Alive!!! Long time no see

Nah, I don’t see how that’s necessary. Imo the beauty of early Neo is in perseverance, winning with what you have and beating the odds. Besides, you can always roll Novadrake later after getting to 500 gems, rerolling is just tedious and unfun. It might take hundreds of attempts and you can use that time to actually play the game and strengthen your account.

@myusernameisthis Evolve Hellfox first, it gains Payback Revenge as a passive which will kill the enemy that killed Hellfox. It also has Bloodthirst which is useful in the main story.

or evolve noxdragon and use the enrage strat on him instead of nova. - bitterbeast, demontoad, Noxdragon, link survivor+ shadow guy, bonetalon, hellfox, leoronix as a possible start. use beetlebrute towards the mid-end to get the best out of survivor bane until you get a couple of support bug types for union attack.

evolve galvbane and use ventokaiser after him.

I am fine man, just been on break with neo. how abt you? How is your neo journey.

I might have agreed to it if this was an year ago or so. Not now, way too many people with broken setups and this gentleman doesnt have any good tools.
I think it would be better to restart before this becomes sunken cost thing imo.

Perseverance would be a good thing but its not something which everyone like to have especially when you consider that this is a game people want to play for fun. Just a frank advise for someone who tried to start a mini in the game and realized how easy the game is for nova users.(and the fact that you get to meet stacked teams if you win too often in lower levels).

Sure np

Easy doesn’t always mean fun. And I can’t think of anything more unfun than rerolling an account over and over again. A grand waste of time if you’re asking me.

Well quite frankly it takes 12 days to re roll for nova, you can do multi reroll at once using transfer codes(can play for 3-4 account in single attempt).

And its def not grand waste of time since i (and many other people)like the
story part more than both pve and pvp gameplay. Wish they created a hell mode for it or something. Probably the best part of this game imo.

What i however would dislike is meeting somebody with colossal mythic lineup and losing continuously for first 5 months while struggling to get 500 gems. Or being unable to do pve events simultaneously because i lack certain mons. This wouldnt be the case if he gets nova.

This is just some arbitrary number, it might take way longer if you’re unlucky. And playing 3-4 accounts takes even more time… Even though I also enjoy the early game, it would soon become very sour and repetitive.

Nova is great for PvP and events without big buffs but almost useless against high buffs like in UC. Other monsters like Geartyrant, Simuronix or Tortogeist are much more important for those.

You can 100% enjoy this game without Nova, for me he is just a big time saver as I often can spam my way to victory. But that doesn’t mean I necessarily have fun doing it.

Its not arbitrary.
Its a regular thing thats done on discord while helping newbies collect all gems to put in beginner’s fest when novadrake’s banner come by. You just need 150~200 gems for roll. Most time people get nova in first 2-3 pulls. Rarely they have to even reroll.

But i get it, you have concerns, it was just an advise to a newbie which would lead to him playing longer than average noobs and maybe not quit too early…

If it’s not arbitrary, then it means Nova is guaranteed which for sure isn’t the case??

I get where you’re coming from, the game would be a breeze if we got Nova, Penguinator, Tenebris, Aurodragon or Delugazar right from the start. However, I think with your method the noob will quit sooner. Imo they should be just playing the game, learning about it, enjoying it, setting their sights on good monsters to hatch, not spending time on rerolling accounts. Enjoyment and having future goals is what keeps people playing.

Ohh cool hope you were focusing on your studies hope to see you around soon

Doing well despite awefull luck on hatching as always

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Rerolling isn’t fun, I made a mini account for a meme, it took me over 60 tries to see a legend on the first hatch. I was lucky to even get the nova after that. Now it is almost stronger than my main account, at least until my main got gabrielle.


That was the constraint issue in your trial run. Mine is lot more flexible, getting 1 nova in 5 -7 packs.

that was also the only time I saw a leggy