Nocturaze and Nights End

Hi Hunters

I have an idea for a new ghost type Monster and an attack.

We only have Inferno (Not really a ghost)  and Spooker at the moment, but not a really good ghost type monster.

Most of the rares are either dragons or four-legged animals. So i want to suggest to create a really good ghost type Monster,

that looks scary, strong and literally like the night itself, like a shadow with hazy face or a bad dream.

It souldnt have any visible heavy weapons, because the unknown is the greatest fear.

Maybe it should have the typical dark attacks like dark chain or ally dark, but with one very strong attack:

Like Last stand, but not even if its the last monster. The attack should gain

more and more power the less monsters your opponent have. A name for this attack could be “Nights End” 

This monster could also be a Fusion of 5x Spooker or 2x Inferno…

I made a little shape how it could probably look alike:

I also have a name for that Monster: “Nocturaze”, what is a combination of Nocturnal and haze

Hope you like the idea…, and sorry for partly bad grammar, im from Germany :slight_smile: