No point in playing

I beat the game and wanted to try out PvP. I found one match and got waxed by a very experienced player. I tried to find another because I would like the rewards but I have yet to find one. What’s the point in playing the game now?

It is really odd because the way the ocarinas and arena are set up makes you believe the devs thought it would take you several months to beat the story line and frankly that’s not the case. If they instituted a few chat and global features they would have seen a large spike in their income. Such a shame. But it seems there is no point in continuing playing :confused:

I don’t see how the chat is beneficial. Every game I’ve played that has a chat has been nothing but trouble.

And global features? That’s a little vague.

However, I do agree their estimate was a bit off, considering how many people finished it in a day and a half

Things like clan chats. Higher end quest lines. Global bosses (something your party couldn’t beat alone and would take 100s of people). Maybe an online counter in the PvP area. Or a queue of people to challenge so you could set up the event and roam around your world until challenged. Maybe hidden dungeons in the game that are very very hard to beat to get the hatchlings and starters.

I was bored and tried to PvP. Couldn’t find a single person