No last biter = Giving up

why are my monsters so weak against him???
I’m getting stuck on freakin Zohar!

I beat him without one last biters are over rated

They are the best monsters on game, you can only beat them with poison and unwanted friend

I did pretty much the entire story and online chapters just from abusing unwanted friend, I had like 2 legendaries (cryo and stormloch) and not a huge amount more.

I just don’t understand why my four star protector killer & sleep killer can’t even TWO shot a monster :expressionless:
And yes ultra evolved

Might be typing, fire sucks against water and all that.





holy=shadow (they are both good against each other)

It’s my dunkleos & velowolf vs celesturtle ( some light turtle type)

I still stand by that last biters are overated yes they are good but only at saving weak players if you have to rely on a last biter to win everytime that is sad they should only be used very rarely
I have defeated the entire game online and offline without one and I don’t even use one in my team
And I dint have any legendarys when I beat the main game just all Ingame monsters and a few egg rolls I got

I still say I just need better monsters is all…I need them since mine can’t kill what it’s designed too… Smh last biters aren’t a necessity I just need a some changes, and no disrespect but I didn’t ask how u did it … Cuz it means nothing to me if I’m not being helped jus sayin.

If celesroise is giving you the most trouble it’s because your twinkillers are only doing normal damage to him I would ignore the tortoise and focus on his teammates and try to build up bloodcraves and survivour
Another hint don’t always attack sometimes skipping turns helps you set up for better combos
But if you are truly stuck but go grind a bit for a higher level and try to ultraevolve some monsters

I did pick up on the skipping turns for setups ,… But focusing on the others first actually didn’t come to my attention til now… Interesting , I’ll see what I can do wit that

Celesroise has no real attacking moves it shouldn’t be much a threat except against stunners and poison and once you have a strong survive up or bloodcrave you should be able to two shot it

why are my monsters so weak against him???
I’m getting stuck on freakin Zohar!

From your other post, I thing I’ve replied to it, not sure. But from your team try and use the monsters that know survivor in the front line and support them with a monster that knows protect and another that can heal and purify. you should try and charge up their move “survivor” and try and build your team from there, it took me a long time also to get past him but each time I’d lose I’d try and change my lineup and see how far I’d go and then the point where I’d get beaten I’d replace/reorder the monsters around there. Hope you get to beat it.

Thanks Wahab I’ll give it a shot, nice YT videos btw I’m a subscriber

Thanks man, no problem I’ll try to help out on the forums whenever I’m free but as you can tell there’s loads of helpful guys here. Btw the battles start getting harder but just try and rearrange your team and look for weaknesses. Your team has a lot of potential. If you can ultra evolve your two super epics that know survivor, they end up learning desperate double and trust me desperate double can be a game changer. try and get this new monster from the online league event its got a good moveset and also the stunning entrance will be helpful.  

I know, right? I just picked up Freezard, and wow, unwanted friend really is op. As long as I don’t kill the bronzeshells, my opponent can only make them reckless themselves to death.

Sadly it doesn’t work in pvp because they can life flip themselves to 1 Hp and then reckless attack, but the cpu isn’t smart enough to do that

Ah, didn’t think of that. They’re also not smart enough to keep them alive when they stick them on your team.

Last bitter are very usefull, but not necessary, i dont have any last bitter and i finished 37 last event and finished every quests of the game

Last Biters arent really needed but its good to have. I didnt have a last biter until after I finish all the missions so far few months ago. I played most of the game with only 2 legends. so its all about strategy and some luck