Last bite

Why does everyone get so far with last bite but I seem to get little to nothing out of it, I use the TU correctly I know what monsters have which moves and who to kill ASAP but for some reason everyone just seems to get way further with it then I do can anyone tell me why

and when you say “Way further” do you mean the current ultimate challenge event? cause i have not been able to rely on last bite past floor 40.

I managed to beat the super challenge battle on my alt account (rank 30) using Godfeather tho… got me another omegamid to ultraevolve something after I grinded silver for it ;_;

it took me quite some times to get there tho… sometimes you just gotta get lucky.

Also I notice you dont have any accelerate team near your godfeather… put one at the end of your team to help reduce the time of last bite to 40sec. you think those 10 seconds wont help but they work miracles trust me

Yeah I know I should, I just got to 43 with my current team and I can’t beat the last on super challenge battle

honestly the last battle in super challenge battle I had to luck out like crazy to win that with godfeather… my team managed to clean up the first 4 monsters maybe and after that i had to godfeather it up till the end… I tried at least 10 times before I managed to win… had the perfect storm happen :rolleyes: everything just fell in place for me to win that one haha

Last bite requires that you run into the right setup. 1 on 1 timestrike throwers after you get bite going. Before that you have to sweep several mons with your team.

Don’t kill the thrower. Let him throw all of his reinforcements at you so you only have to kill 4 monsters.

also its not all about using the tu right, I beat 81 with dragaia since I used knockbacksto ensure the problematic monsters for him was gone before last biting, leaving stuff like clio, atlanteon, ventokaizer etc at their backrow, while killing death/poison revengers and poison eaters as fast as i could.

I think the most essential part of biting effectively is to master skipping, and to have lots of foresight. Let’s say, hypothetically, that you’re biting, you’re not hged, your turn is up, and the enemy has a blightwyrm whose survivor has kicked in, and a bronzeshell, and they both have very low TU, blightwyrm first. if you just go ahead and bite someone else, then blight will hg you, then the shell will finish you. That would be a good time to skip, because then blight will hg you, then you can just bite someone to get health back before the shell can get you. You could also solve the problem by killing the shell. Another thing you can do is manipulate the ai. so that they will not deal the finishing blow if given the chance. Like, in that same case, if the enemy team has not been accelerated yet, then you should actually be safe biting someone else, because you know that the shell will be too busy accelerating to finish you off. And, occasionally, life flip self can be the best option, it did bail me out once. I made it all the way to 191 in the last one this way.

EDIT- I just noticed that your team is set up to give godfeather lots of assists. I don’t think it’s a very good idea for him to thunder, because he’ll be vulnerable to timestrikers, and he risks not being ready when he’s the only one left. If you want him to work out, your best bet is to just have him sit around, breaking the life flip glass in case of emergency, so then once his allies are all kaput, he’ll immediately be ready to go berserk.

I’ve beaten the super challenge battle with godfeather as well, but before him I had guardiron (poison revenge timestriker), rhynobrawl, puffoxin and tiamad (any poisin eater would work). After that nebelronix, two stun bombers and then godfeather. So, the combination poison, mainly for aegis, and some death revenges deals pretty good with the nasty frontline (it can take some tries). After that two stun bombers to accelerate godfeather and then bomb away. And then doing the right kills at the right moment. Leaving cybereon alive, avoiding his poison revenge. Didn’t bother killing death revengers, they eliminate themselves in time.