No Available Strong Fire Types?

Other than the starter, soltusk. And the wyrms(other than omega which i recentally got) are there any fire type arks that can help out in this OM? I attempted to get copperhorn, but i just started actually playing when he came out. Lol. Just wondering, thanks in advance

There are a few good fire arks but i Think they all come from gold eggs, so you need luck to get Them :slight_smile:




Might be more cant really remember … There was an OM With minoblast some weeks ago,

Flamogun is a good, collectable Fire Ark that deals decent damage and has metal slash.

Try to get a vulkaraptor, fireheart, and/or pyroviper they arent as strong as egg exclusives, but much easier to get.

And for the non egg exclusives theyre easy to get

Fireheart is personally my favourite, it’s like Coldheart but fire type. It’s just a really solid ark with a decent Aoe attack, As Underscore mentioned, Vulcaraptor is also really good and versatile.

I would go with Pyroviper or Fireheart as far as catchable arks go

Thanks guys!

If you are enough patient try to get Pyrowyrm this is my fav fire ark.

Farmed him for a hour, Got one! :smiley: Grade E of course. 91% chance of catching! Failed… Farmed another hour, Got another grade E of course. Got him…

Means your levels are not 99 yet, otherwise the catch rate will be 97%, not that it will make much difference. I’d probably throw my phone if I miss with 97% lol…

Lol. When i farm for Wyrms i throw crap monsters upfront, just to not think about the speed, But meh. I sat at the screen with the failed Ashie grade E. and told myself its alright.


its all right, ok im calm, *looks at failed ashie grade E screen*

*throws phone out window*