NMA Official Clan Thread

All Hail Moji~~

Amen, its bad to see obie go from NME guess its bad to see there is no NME anymore

So, uh, what does NMA stand for? :>

I look forward to beating each and every one of you in the next pvp event​:wink::smirk::smirk:

Congrats for the official thread. Hope obie have a good time with you guys!

Challenge accepted :wink:


I look forward to beating each and every one of you in the next pvp event [/quote]

Is that a challenge or a statement of fact lol. #arrogance test

I didn’t saw you beat any of us in last PvP. :wink:

Its ‘Neo Monsters Alliance’

Congrats again Obie and it’s really funny to play with you NMA guys in pvp so i hope we’ll have good matches again :slight_smile:

And All hail Moji!  lol

I did beat some of you guys. Funny you should say that shomy. After my gallio hit your nightrider stopping life flip you quit probably because my soul stealer line was going to eat you. I beat Alucard also. I lost to Hidan in a massive comeback by his terror dragon. He Dow about 6 monster. His endgame is was my mid game. I have beating all of you before but honestly you guys have beating me too. I love playing you guys. Your my greatest comp. I look forward to seeing your names in the next pvp event. It is a fact I will beat some of you guys but it is also a fact that I will lose to some of you guys to.

Game on Tyrone - I’ll take you all on too… Looking forward to another GOGO dance Shomy

I’ll solve the mystery once and for all it is Neomonsters Anonymous

I haven’t run if I’m not giving wins, I did beat you this pvp, and before… And I don’t deny I did lost to you also before. Just had to reply to your challenge Tyronne

Finally, guess the official revelation was destined to be on the official thread.

Well it was said many times before actually, just people forgot about it and somehow decided it was neo monster alliance xD but we are not that anonymous anymore anyway so… :smiley:

So febo any idea when we are getting a rematch?, really fun fighting you :yum:

Not being anonymous anymore is so true :smiley:

Lol you’ve beaten me a couple times but we played only once this past pvp and i definately won that. You had a line of all three poison eater’s in the front row. I don’t think you stuck around to the end of that. Pretty sure you surrendered after zibel ate two of those and then bane and terror dragon. Seemed like kind of a test team though, not sure.