Nilox or Nilomoth?

Hey everyone.

I finally found an S rank Nilo and S rank Mushroom.

Now I’m unsure what to do.
Should I go for Nilomoth or Nilox? Which one is better in your opinion and why?

Nilomoth hat better stats if you don’t cound speed. But his moves are only single target and need alot of TU

what is your idea? :confused:

Hard for me to say. I know a few people have mentioned nilomoth is pretty good. Others May say its up to. Hopefully someone els gives some opinion here as well.

I vote for nilomoth because he has the ability risky heal :slight_smile: and I love that ability.
And on top of that you have a S rank one so you could possibly heal your whole line up with bonus actions if he doesn’t die

Honestly, it comes down to your preference

Nilomoth is great for a mix of beating and healing

Nilox is all beating, all day

Okay, thank you guys for the respond :slight_smile:

I think I will go for Nilomoth. It can only hit single targets but I have quite a high chance for bonus actions so I may be able to hit often hard.
Plus it’s abbilty to heal himself and other memeber might be usefull.


Fusions always better so nilomoth

Nilomoth. Better stats. Better damage (though to just one target). And it can heal itself or others without dying (though it may die).