Nilomoth or let nilo evolve?

I got a grade a nilo I’m wondering wether I should get nilo moth or let my nilo evolve?

I’d go nilomoth, my prefference though. maybe search from a shroom first and see what grade you get. and then decide



Nilomoth is better in my opinion, but it’s up to you.

To me it depends on what you need. Nilox is good for aoe damage and is faster while nilomoth us tankier, hits single targets harder but has no aoe attacks, and can heal.

Get both and see which one is better for ur team and urself

Yea get both so u can also complete the collection :slight_smile:


I say this to anyone who asks which to get.

Get both and try em out (: you never know which one will truely work best for you till you try em

Nilomoth is better in PvP, no questions asked.

In single player, you’ll want both. Which is better in single player? That’s really up to your preference.

I assume when people ask which is better, they’re referring to PvP. 

Nilomoth is way better, especially for its Risky Heal.

Nilox does not hit hard enough in PVP or late PVE game.

Thanks guys