Fusion of Nilos and Musharoo

Title says it all, is it worth or should I keep my S rank Nilos and train it?

Nilomoth is a great monster. I use both Nilox (final form of Nilos) and Nilomoth, but I’d definitely recommend Nilomoth. It only targets one enemy, but it does a whole lot of damage. It also has more HP and armor, and has a chance of fully healing itself or an ally (Risky Heal), though it has a 40% chance of killing itself when doing so. 

Thanks for the quick response! Guess will aim first for nilomoth then. Just one more question regarding fusion. S rank only with two s rank monsters? Or does s and a work too?

If you fuse S and A, you’ll have a 50% chance of getting an S and a 50% chance of getting an A. This applies to any two ranks that don’t have a middle. Otherwise, you’ll get the average of the two (A + C = B, for example). 

Okay thought the same, thanks again!

*sigh* 1 hour of Musharoo farming and not a single one -.- Is there a better place than the broken bridge?

Where do you get this recipie?

The broken bridge is the only place I know of to find Musharoo. It’s fairly rare; it took me quite some time as well. The Nilomoth recipe comes from a side quest. Make sure to go through the towns and make sure you’ve completed all quests!