Continuing the discussion from Help me restore mt account: I’d is named nikhlesh in E-22 SERVER it has no purchasements but it has dark Jenn also
my id has above 132 level and no soulstons more then 500 Lasttime

Plz help me

Not dark Jenn is at level at 132 but my I’d is at level 132 or above it’s starting code like KWN0TY… OR SOMETHING ELSE

Instead of writing these things publicly mail the support team of evertale also provide more information regarding the acc to them( don’t write them in a public thread/post). If you have a friend or know someone who’s friend with your acc, milk as much information as possible.

@Pooja_Jha Sorry to hear about your issue. Please don’t post in multiple threads about it. The best way to fix this is to contact Evertale support

I’ll do that but they were not replying it’s been 7 days