Briliant update: all my accounts are gone.

All save files are broken after i reinstall the game. Unfortunately, i just keep the restore code of my main acc. For the rest of them, esp. my luckest alt, they are all gone.

Dint u save ur restore codes ?

The others are starter accounts, so i did not check and save the restore code.

Hmm… Then it shouldn’t be a problem if they are still starter accounts I guess ?

1 ssr charater and 5 ssr weapons for the best one. They are my backups if the 9th pack of main acc still gives me nothing. :sob:

I have a decent account with 3 ssr weapons and 2 ssr characters i have only opened 5 total packs

Well u can get restore code in startup screen . Check if it’s possible

I dony really wan’t it i think imma delete it since i dont play that game

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No, it never goes to the startup screen if i load these alt accounts. Instead, it shows a message about beta test and the restore code of last correct save file, which is my main acc now. That is why i can conclude they were all broken after i reintall the app to update.

How do you use multi accounts? with multi devices?

Android allows you to manage save files, so it is easy to handle.

Finally save my ■■■ by myself. I uninstall the app purchased by my google account, then borrow my friend’s account one more time to download the game. After that, i can login my alts and backup the restore code.

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One save file to rule them all, One account to find them, One uninstall to bring them all, and by the reinstall bind them.


What characters?

Thunder SSR,The fouble Dedprate Bite Ssr and 3 Ssr weapons

Wow those are amazing monsters

… and you don’t want it?

Yeah i gave it to a friend from the forum already

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Was his name godgamer?