Help me restore mt account

I forgot my transfer code pls help me i need my old account

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Contact with your information. They will reach out to you. You should be able to prove that it’s your account with e. g. Receptions from Google play if you purchased the game on your own or any in game purchases during your play time

I cant contact them

You don’t know how to send an email?

I didn’t buy the game I got my phone from my brother with the game already installed,I only started a new game and played for weeks on end. but I had to wipe my phone and that is how I lost my game data.

You need to verify support that the account is belonging to you or your brother. If he has bought it tell him to contact support and ask for the restore code to recover the game on your current phone. You will need to pay the fee for the game as long as you don’t use his google play credentials

Wont knowing my game tag be enough?

Of course not. That doesn’t help anybody to verify your account. Any other random guy could state that it his account otherwise lol

Bloody Hell I guess I should rather forget playing evertail cos I wont start over Oh Hell No!!! Lol

So you don’t have your restore code and as well no possibility to verify the ownership of the account. Try your luck by contacting the email on top of this thread

I have sent them an email and no I just found the game and played it from the very start for weeks on end, like I’ve said I got the game in a phone my brother gave me and it was never played. until I had a crack at it.


I lost my account and i even mailed them but i didn’t got any response please help me get my account back

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If I have a restore code saved for the account I won’t need to contact them to restore it correct? Contacting them is if so don’t have one right?

Does anyone know what happened to @eNjiin ?

@DonT89 got any info ?

If u have restore code , u need not . But whenever u r restoring an account, you should mail them to that support address and tell them the new waifus are disgusting and stupid .

Sold account

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How can I change the code of my evertale account?

Hello to everyone here, I’m a new player whose account’s hero rank is 95 and I forget my restoration code. What should I do now?
Edit: I’ve been playing evertale for a whole month and I don’t want to restart my account again from scratch. Please help me.

I want to ask you a question about Evertale, how long do I have to wait for them to answer the email from the lost account because I bought the game and I had Kirin level 100 with Excalibur level 120 on that account and Rizzete at level 100 with his weapon at the same level and norza at level 100 with his weapon equal to the same level was rank 92 and he was already in chapter 11 so that was my question and there were 3 SSR characters

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