Nice to meet you!

Hello! It’s nice to meet you all. I’ve been staying away from the forum because I haven’t finished the game and I prefer to avoid spoilers, but I’ve been creeping over for tips on where to collect certain pets… and then I encountered a very annoying little glitch that means I might not finish the game for months! So perhaps I will be taking out my frustrations on PVP. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Thanks for all of your help :slight_smile:

Hi Sweetpea! Welcome to the forums, I hope you didn’t find too many spoilers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Little glitch? Which one is that? Never mind, I saw your bug report. I remember seeing that around, and I thought someone found a way, but it could’ve been another glitch. :x

Have fun in PvP! Don’t let that win-defeat bug get to you! ^^

EDIT: Try going into Aurandal and pressing some buttons there. I’m not sure if this will fix it, or if you already tried, but someone said the story updated for them after they went there.

Welcome to the forum!!! Hope you enjoy your time here.

Wow pred’s back… Haven’t seen him for a while…

Welcome welcome…

… Maybe we’ll see you in pvp glitch thread? lol jk jk…

Thank you thank you! You may regret welcoming me here ! If anyone is going to trip a game glitch, it’s bound to be me. Maybe I’ll stay away from PvP then…

Thanks for the tip about aurandal, kookaburra! It’s possible that I confused the story by going into Sholai earlier in the game, trying to catch narwhales. When I was last in aurandal I finished the flame tyrant chapter and was told about the princess, so the story was correct there, but I don’t pick it up when I get back to Sholai. (Spoiler warning)

My husband completed the game and says that the story quest picks up there with a discussion of stoves. I haven’t triggered this yet.

Will report back!

Glad to hear it!

Nah, we won’t regret welcoming you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: All glitch reports are welcome, I’m sure of it.

Welcome to the forum  ! Hope u enjoy ur stay here and if u have any questions just ask!