Next ultra-evolve

Who should I evolve next out of these legendaries? image

My suggestions would be Leonarch then Drako

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Any of them except puff cat. Just delete that useless piece of garbage.


Thanks! I was definitely going to evolve Leo, just waiting on a chalice or crown but think I’ll hold onto puff cat until he gets a nerf lol

puff cat is awesome. i have to kill that thing first when i see it in pvp before it raises its cat-army.
desperate doulbe and purifying mist are good on draco thats probably why everyone saying evo him second.
3 rd monster is weakest out of all, the plant ap, that one doesnt even have hold ground and has slow knock back. it neds a buff.

To be clear, do you agree angel first?

I have since come to agree with you. Puff cat is awesome. When its on your enemy team. Just let it make 3 clones, kill them all at once, and it freezes the game and gives you the win. It’s the other team best monster.

Only The Op Kitten:D

So I feel I got pretty lucky on my last 2 packs of eggs. Bolv, magma and rider. Who do I UE first?

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