Next PvP season will be epic

Good job @dev_vkc @dev_brd
Some of em are complaining about certain nerfs but overall these changes are more like balances than nerfs !!

Things are going to be quiet different in PvP next season . May the best player win !

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Looking forward to next PvP too! Love the changes!


Yeah, may the best player win!

I’m not gonna forgive you professor for calling it balance changes! The only balanced change that has ever happened in Neo was when they reduced Lago dragons link give turn to 3. Everything else was a Nerf! :rofl::joy::wink:

Ok seriously now. I’m incredibly excited about ranked. Truth be told it will be a refreshing change this season. Let’s see who wins!

Go for it people!

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I hope that Mr.X wins. He’ll make a strong team again and grind like crazy. He won’t necessarily have the highest win rate but he’ll get it through devotion. It will make me happy to see him win and the community give him some respect for it. Others will surely be “with the girlfriend” that weekend or other such excuses :wink:


Ye true . If he makes it to rank 1 this times , some might actually have to accept he is a good player !
@NMEGaryOak will u ?

I think everybody knows deep down he is a good player. Not possible to do what he did if he wasn’t. It shouldn’t even be a question.

Having said that there are quite a few good players in this game. I don’t like to say anybody is the best though, so hard to tell. So many on a similar or same level.


Everyone knows he’s a good player. To doubt it is ridiculous. But we also know when Anna was grinding for #1, he was still playing and it was 4 am his time, Monday morning. We know this because he was matching players in the lounge. That IS a dedicated amount of grind the rest of us just don’t apply. But to say he’s not one of the best players is stupid because his win rate is so high. Be interested to see what it is this PvP though

Mr.X would contest this. He said it was 2:30am his time when he went to sleep and shared a screenshot. For accuracy I’d like to say it was actually 3:10am that he went to sleep. I can see the name of the screenshot where a time code is given and if you minus the hours off it goes back to that time. I think basically we thought there was an extra hour in his time zone but there isn’t, so 4am was actually 3am.

P.S. I’m writing this after a 7.5 hours long non-stop PvP push in my other game from 1am - 8:30am. If I had this kind of devotion for Neo Monsters I might actually be some competition for Mr.X haha.

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I can smell the saltiness From germany …

I was the only One That Said That my gf will be around during Ranked pvp, sorry That i have a Life and got my priorities Right haha

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It wasn’t directed at you at all haha, I purposefully made sure it wasn’t making any reference to what you’ve said in the past (stuff about parties). I didn’t realise you’d made the girlfriend excuse at some point too! I thought it would sound generic enough to not single anyone out. Maybe it’s your guilty conscience making you think it’s directed at you :wink:


Sounds like you had more than 1 excuse then. Parties and Girlfriend :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I always use the I don’t have time excuse.

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Win rate was over 90% last season. Can’t use the grinding excuse. Nobody took up his challenge to share their win rate. So he probably played better than them.

I do hope Mr X gets challenged hard this season. The undisputed champion needs to be beaten. I wish I could.

Unown brought out my favorite mortar team this season I wonder how it will go top tier.

I had already made another 90+ winrate team.

I think am all geared up.

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Don’t post that. People might start shitting themselves and start thinking of excuses to make. Because they can’t use the AP spam excuse anymore.

moking lost twice? LOL I guess he wasn’t just an “ap spammer”, was he?


Yeah Lost twice today, yesterday i won :man_shrugging:t3: Didnt play much This pvp Season, will have to tweak some spots in my team… but atm i dont Feel temped to do so. Without any changed i still get 80+ Win ratio

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because now all it takes is top tier monsters to get win. unfortunate how the game changed in one day…

Yeah thats actually really sad… lowering mythic costs was Not good…
I still wait for my last


I just noticed this. Wow. I’ve never done that for any game, but it is completely normal if somebody wants to be competitive in top tier.

May I ask, what rank did you reach in that game? Curious to see how other games are like compared to Neo for high tiers.