Next guaranteed legend festival

Will this happen on Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Thanksgiving is American… this company is Japanese. Same went for last year and I think people thought something big was going to come for Independence day.

I’m British so I found it kinda funny everyone being so convinced something was going to happen and it didn’t.

I think last year they were timed for Christmas and New Year but don’t quote me on that and we might have one between now and Christmas.

Will probally be in christmass and/or new year

Anyone know if Christmas and New Year both have separate festivals?

Last year there were with Raizen featured at new year and 3 Christmas special legs for te other fest

Any festival is a guaranteed now in 6th pack ;). Probably one more before Christmas, where they release the poison bird and the link water waste. Then Christmas.

I meant like how there was garaunteed on 1st, 3rd, and 9th roll

The old system was better imo, where every pack had a 50% chance of a legend and then 3rd guaranteed.

Nah, I like the new one.

Guarantees are better.

I don’t recall either the poison bird, or the link water thing.

The Legend is yet to be released